How To Succeed in College/Useful Software and Technology

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There are many useful software packages that can make your college years easier. Given the expense of college, the list below focuses on Free and Open Source Software (FOSS).

Bibliography Management Software[edit]

In all likelihood you will need to write papers that include references. Different disciplines prefer different formats for references. Rather than create your bibliography by hand, you can use one of the following bibliography management software packages:

Word Processing Software[edit]

For writing papers, you'll need word processing software. All of the software packages have software that functions as a word processing program:

Spreadsheet Software[edit]

Learning how to use and create spreadsheets is a useful skill to master in college. These packages include spreadsheet software:

Presentation Software[edit]

You may have to give a presentation in class. The following software packages include presentation software:

Financial Management Software[edit]

For tracking your finances, you can use the following website:

Note Taking Software[edit]

If you prefer to take notes digitally, the following software can facilitate note taking: