How To Succeed in College/Success Outside the Classroom

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As I see it, everything begins with communication. If you can communicate, you win because people listen to you since you know how to say what you want to speak about.

How do you get something valuable to say (the content of your discussions)? Start by thinking about a topic - any topic. Read, study, participate through letters to the editor, on-line discussions, even get out there and volunteer and/or put out more effort at work than the next person. This will get you to act and BE the leader you can become so you can contribute better.

By learning to communicate, well, you become the best you can be. Of course, one must gain subject knowledge in tandem with the development of communication skills (written and verbal).

You will find that the second topic you speak about is easier since the skills you learned on communication are transferable. And so on. In no time you become confidently verbose, loquacious and even erudite while others see you as the sagacious one you secretly are!