How To Succeed in College/Student Organizations

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Nothing To Do?[edit]

Some college students may believe that there is not much activity on their campus. This is unlikely to be true on most college campuses, as colleges and universities have begin to focus more attention on student life and activities for students in order to improve the college experience. For instance, The University of Tampa has over 160 clubs and organizations that students can join. These range from academic-oriented clubs to intramural sports groups.[1] Many universities also include a wide variety of fraternities and sororities that plan numerous activities, both on and off campus. Students can also take advantage of recreation opportunities on campuses, like fitness centers, game rooms, parks, and practice fields for playing sports. Many universities also have a student-led group on campus that is responsible for planning large events, like concerts and movies. Students can learn about what events are happening by checking the university's event calendar online.