How To Succeed in College/Differences Between High School and College

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Making the Transition[edit]

Not all high school students are ready for college once they graduate. Many high schools today have "tracks", which are programs designed to prepare students for their future career plans. For example, "college prep" is a common track that is slightly more challenging for high school students as they are prepared for additional education in college. Additional tracking programs include "tech prep" and "dual enrollment."[1] Both of these tracks are geared toward smoothing the transition into college for high school students. Tech prep can be a helpful approach, but it has a major drawback - not all universities recognize this program and some refuse to transfer the credits toward an undergraduate degree.[1] Dual enrollment is also a beneficial program and it overcomes the major drawback of the tech prep track - universities are much more likely to recognize the transfer credit. The only concern with dual enrollment is that the courses are typically taught by high school teachers and not college professors, which may not give students a good feel for the different teaching styles students will experience in college.[1]


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