How To Succeed in College/Applying and Getting In

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Acceptance Rates[edit]

Acceptance rates for universities vary substantially depending on a number of factors. To begin with, there are some characteristics of universities that influence acceptance rates, including the number of applicants the university receives for admission, as well as the university's size, location, and reputation. On the other side, there are a number of characteristics of students that influence their odds of being accepted at a university, including: GPA, standardized test scores, and involvement in extracurricular activities. In the United States, acceptance rates range from 4% to 100%. At a mid-sized urban university in Florida, the University of Tampa, the acceptance rate is approximately 57.3%.[1] Just because colleges need students, doesn’t mean that getting in is easy. There is some evidence to suggest that enrollment in colleges is becoming more difficult and competitive as more people are choosing to go to college.[2]

International Competition[edit]

One reason why it is becoming increasingly difficult to gain admittance to universities, particularly the most elite universities, is because of international competition. For instance, there are some elite high schools in South Korea that are geared toward preparing their students to gain admission to Ivy League universities in the US.[3] The appeal of an Ivy League education in South Korea is quite high. Students attending these school study fifteen hours a day and take extremely challenging classes.[3] On top of the heavy academic workload, students still find time to squeeze in extracurriculars and clubs in order to boost their extracurricular transcripts. One of these schools, Daewon Foreign Language High School, is known for being particularly grueling. All but a few of the graduates go on to Ivy League colleges. Over 100,000 Korean students are currently studying at American Universities.[3] Because of the Korean obsession with Ivy League schools, Korean applications to American schools have significantly increased over the years, increasing the competition for admission to these schools for students from the US.