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4CK Toowoomba - Transcriptions and notes[edit]

Family Summary[edit]

  • William Henry Norris (born: 1816, Chilton, Wiltshire, England; married: 19 May 1843, Westminster, Middlesex, England; died: 19 May 1884, Ipswich, Qld)
  • + Caroline Mary Victoria formerly Bennett nee ?? (born: about 1822, London, England; died: 31 Mar 1875, Ipswich, Qld)
    • Frank Edgar Norris (born: 31 Jan 1865, Qld; married: 12 Jun 1889, Qld; died: 23 Jan 1951, Qld)
    • + Louise nee Swan (born: 13 Sep 1871, ; died: 11 Sep 1923, Toowoomba, Qld) (parents Lewin Swan and Agnes Lewis)
      • Edgar Lewin Norris (born: 1 Feb 1891, Barcaldine; married: 28 Sep 1925, Brisbane; died: 31 Aug 1956, Qld)
      • + Gladys Madoline Nolan (born: 23 May 1899, Qld; died: ?) "Gladsy Madolin Nolan" in birth record
      • Marguerite Agnes Norris (born: 19 Jul 1892, Longreach, Qld; married (1): 5 Jun 1920, Qld; died: 28 Jul 1977)
      • +(1) Richard Siddon James (born: , died)
      • +(2) ??? Franks (born: ; died: , )
      • Ethel Bennett Norris (born: 15 Oct 1893, Qld; married: 18 Dec 1913, Qld.; died: 15 Jul 1976, Qld))
      • + Sidney Moir Sisley (born: 3 Mar 1890, Qld; died: , )
      • Elsie Louise Norris (born: 22 Apr 1895, Qld; married: 23 Dec 1918, Qld; died: ))
      • + Alfred Jande Topor-Markowicz (born: ; died: , )
      • Frank Charles Norris (born: 23 Nov 1896, Qld; married: ??, died: 6 Aug 1920, Brisbane, Qld))
      • + ??
      • Vivian Clive Norris (born: 13 Jan 1907, Qld; married: 1932, Newcastle district, NSW; died: ))
      • + Vina Isobel nee Cummins (born: 13 Sep 1906, Qld; died: 1981, NSW)


Edgar Lewin Norris[edit]

Gladys Madoline Nolan[edit]

Frank Edgar Norris[edit]








Birth of Frank Edgar Norris, father of Edgar Lewin Norris

  • Birth registration: Frank Edgar Norris
  • Birth date: 31/01/1865
  • Mother's name: Caroline Bennett
  • Father/parent's name: William Henry Norris
  • Registration details: 1865/C/887 [1]


















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Marriage of Frank Edgar Norris, father of Edgar Lewin Norris

  • Marriage registration: Frank Edgar Norris
  • Marriage date: 12/06/1889
  • Spouse's name: Louisa Swan
  • Registration details: 1889/C/5 [2]
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1890 03[edit]

Birth of Sydney Moir Sisley (husband of Ethel Bennett Norris) brother in law of Edgar Lewin Norris

  • Birth registration: Sydney Moir Sisley
  • Birth date: 03/03/1890
  • Mother's name: Agnes Moir
  • Father/parent's name: Numa Joseph Sisley
  • Registration details: 1890/C/11712


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1891 02[edit]
  • Birth registration: Edgar Lewin Norris
  • Birth date: 01/02/1891
  • Mother's name: Louise Swan
  • Father/parent's name: Frank Edgar Norris
  • Registration details: 1891/C/221 [4]
1891 03[edit]
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1891 08[edit]

MEDICAL HALL AND DISPENSARY, BARCALDINE. PROPRIETORS: Dr. Cumming & Co. MANAGER: Frank E. Norris. HAVE the largest and most complete stock of PATENT MEDICINES on the line. Also a good stock of Trusses, Enemas, Eye Shades, Goggles, Syringes, Breast Pumps, &c., &c., &c. Perfumery, Toilet Soaps, Hair Brushes, Combs, Smelling Bottles, and other toilet requisites. THE PUREST DRUGS ONLY KEPT. Prescriptions dispensed at any hour. Country orders promptly attended to.[5]

1891 09[edit]
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1891 11[edit]

FRANK E. NORRIS, Stationer, Tobacconist, and News Agent, EAGLE-STREET, LONGREACH. DEALER in Patent Medicines and Fancy Goods, Perfumery and Toilet Requisites, Account Books, Cash Receipt Forms, Invoice, Rent, Goods, and Memorandum Forms. Commercial and Fancy Stationery, &c. Opens in his New Premises on November 7th. New works in all classes of Literature, including Novels by the leading authors of the day, Gift Books, &c., &c. Fancy Glass Ware, Plush and other Ornamental Goods suitable for Xmas and Wedding Presents. A large assortment of Xmas, New Year and Birthday Cards. Gentleman's Fitted Travelling Bags. Agent for Kirk's Superior Toilet Soaps. A large and complete stock in all the above lines. Circulating Library. Country orders promptly executed.[6]

1891 12[edit]

FRANK E. NORRIS, Stationer, Tobacconist, and News Agent, EAGLE-STREET, LONGREACH. DEALER in Patent Medicines and Fancy Goods, Perfumery and Toilet Requisites, Account Books, Cash Receipt Forms, Invoice, Rent, Goods, and Memorandum Forms, Commercial and Fancy Stationery, &c. New works in all classes of Literature, including Novels by the leading authors of the day, Gift Books, &c., &c. Fancy Glass Ware, Plush and other Ornamental Goods suitable for Xmas and Wedding Presents. A large assortment of Xmas, New Year and Birthday Cards. Gentlemen's Fitted Travelling Bags. Agent for Kirk's Superior Toilet Soaps. A large and complete stock in all the above lines. Circulating Library. Country orders promptly executed.[7]


1892 01[edit]

SPORTING. FROM the Hon. Secretary of the club, Mr. F. E. Norris, we learn that the day's racing at Longreach, to be held the day after the opening of the railway, is likely to be a great success, as the nominations for the event will probably fill well. The following gentlemen have been elected to carry out the programme, to be run under the rules of the Longreach Jockey Club, which is registered under the rules of the Q.T.C. Rules:— Messrs. Yould, King, Stevenson, Edkins, Currie, Cameron, Ellis, Bacchi, Pyraini, Marwedel and Bromley, out of whom the other officers will be chosen.[8]

1892 02[edit]

BUILDING AT LONGREACH. OUR weekly report says:— Building is still going on apace. I notice Messrs. Forbes' and Ahern's hotels are nearly completed. I have seen the plan of the new court house, for which tenders have been called. Judging by the plan it will be a neat building, and commodious enough to meet the requirements of the town for a long time. The lockup and police quarters are to be erected on the same allotment, and it is to be hoped tenders will be called for the latter at an early date, so that the buildings may be commenced simultaneously, and be completed before the wet season sets in. By this the comfort of the officers will be ensured, and the brutal method of chaining prisoners to a log in the open air removed. I have seen the plan of a very pretty cottage, to be erected for Mr. Norris. The building will be 28 ft. x 22 ft., with detached kitchen. Mr. Davies has been instructed to prepare plans and specifications for a Roman Catholic Church. The timber, &c., for a residence for Mr. Marwedel, of the Bank of N.S.W. has arrived; the timber for Mr. English's establishment is on the ground, and the iron will be up on Monday. He intends to commence erecting the building in a few days. There are four shops in course of erection in the main street, and I hear several others are to be commenced shortly.[9]

1892 03[edit]
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1892 07[edit]
  • Birth registration: Marguerite Agnes Norris
  • Birth date: 19/07/1892
  • Mother's name: Louisa Swan
  • Father/parent's name: Frank Edgar Norris
  • Registration details: 1892/C/130[10]
1892 08[edit]

BIRTH. NORRIS.— At her residence, Longreach, on the 19th inst., the wife of F. E. Norris of a daughter.[11]

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1893 10[edit]
  • Birth registration: Ethel Bennett Norris
  • Birth date: 15/10/1893
  • Mother's name: Louise Swan
  • Father/parent's name: Frank Edgar Norris
  • Registration details: 1893/C/1139 [12]
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1895 04[edit]
  • Birth registration: Elsie Louise Norris
  • Birth date: 22/04/1895
  • Mother's name: Louisa Swan
  • Father/parent's name: Frank Edgar Norris
  • Registration details: 1895/C/1211 [13]
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1896 11[edit]
  • Birth registration: Frank Charles Norris
  • Birth date: 23/11/1896
  • Mother's name: Louise Swan
  • Father/parent's name: Frank Edgar Norris
  • Registration details: 1897/C/1033 [14]
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1899 05[edit]
  • Birth registration: Gladsy Madolin Nolan
  • Birth date: 23/05/1899
  • Mother's name: Mary Ann Agnes Comerford
  • Father/parent's name: Patrick Michael Nolan
  • Registration details: 1899/C/3437 [15]
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1900 12[edit]

BOYS' STATE SCHOOL, TOOWOOMBA SOUTH. PRIZE LIST. . . . Third (b) Class.— Arithmetic: Fred Thomson, 1; William Raymer, 2. Spelling and Home Exercises: Edgar Norris, 1; Leslie Andrews, 2.[16]


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INDUSTRIAL AND FINE ARTS EXHIBITION. A GREAT SUCCESS. The Second Annual Industrial and Fine Arts Exhibition in aid of the Toowoomba Congregational Church Fund was opened by the Mayor (Ald. A. Mayes) in the Alexandra Hall yesterday afternoon. There was a very fair attendance of ladies and children. The Mayor, who was introduced by the Rev. J. M. Bayley, said it did not seem like twelve months since the first exhibition in aid of the Congregational Church funds. The offerings on that day existed on paper, but he was pleased to say that today they existed in the shape of bricks and mortar. The citizens of Toowoomba were proud of the efforts put forth by the Congregationalists to raise sufficient money to construct their new church. He referred to the usefulness of exhibitions like the one he had the pleasure of opening that afternoon, for educating the people. He hoped that Mr. Bayley's and his assistants' efforts on this occasion would meet with success. He trusted they would soon be able to complete their building, and so be free from all worry. He had much pleasure in declaring the exhibition open, and trusted, it would prove a financial success. A hearty vote of thanks was accorded Mr. Mayes, on the motion of Mr. T. May, seconded by Mr. Williams. THE EXHIBITION. Though the exhibition is not so large as that held last year there are very many new exhibits of interest, and those who visit the Alexandra Hall during the two remaining afternoons and nights the exhibition will be. open will find much that will interest them. The prize schedule is divided into eleven sections, and there are 197 classes, nearly all of which have been filled. In the Horticultural Section, presided over by Messrs. J. G. Bayley and F. Chamberlin (jun.), there are some very fine specimens of cut flowers, pot plants, flowering shrubs, palms, and bouquets exhibited, the collections of roses and pansies being exceedingly choice. Misses Bayley, Hooper, and Stephens are in charge of the needlework sections. This branch of the exhibition is a show in itself, and the ladies present yesterday were greatly interested in the very fine display of fancy needle work, drawn thread work, Swiss work, and the many other kinds of fancy work so sought after by the ladies. In the waxwork, fernwork, and miscellaneous section, presided over by Messrs. A. R. Swain and B. Searle, are some very interesting exhibits. In this section special mention must be made of Miss Maud Renwick's splendid collection of postcards, which form one of the most interesting exhibits in the Hall. Other interesting exhibits in this section are paper flowers, by Miss Edith Baker; butterflies, by Sydney Trenwith; Edgar Norris's collection of Kauri gum and fossils; poker work by Miss E. Robinson, also a design worked in 1100 pieces of coloured satin by an old lady over 70 years of age. Some interesting scrap books are also shown, the first prize being awarded to Harold Amos. . . . [17]

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Birth of Vina Isobel Cummins (wife of Vivian Clive Norris), sister-in-law of Edgar Lewin Norris

  • Birth registration: Vina Isobel Cummins
  • Birth date: 13/09/1906
  • Mother's name: Amy Amelia Thorsbourne
  • Father/parent's name: Jeremiah Cummins
  • Registration details: 1906/B/13234 [18]
1906 10[edit]
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1907 01[edit]
  • Birth registration: Vivian Clive Norris
  • Birth date: 13/01/1907
  • Mother's name: Louise Swan
  • Father/parent's name: Frank Edgar Norris
  • Registration details: 1907/C/3475 [19]
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IN the Estate of FRANK EDGAR NORRIS, of Toowoomba, Dentist and Herbalist. SEPARATE TENDERS are invited for the Purchase of:— 1. STOCK, £180/2/1. 2. FIXTURES and FITTINGS, £30/2/6. Stock Sheets and Conditions of Tender may be seen on the Premises, or at the Office of the Trustee. Tenders will close at Trustee's Office, at 12 Noon on TUESDAY, 16th August, 1910, and may be wired. The highest or any tender not necessarily accepted. THOS. E. WHITE, Trustee, Corner of Creek and Adelaide streets, Brisbane.[20]

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    • Australia, Electoral Rolls, 1903-1980
    • Name: Edgar Lewin Norris (49 Murray St., Optician, Male, no other Norris at this address)
    • Gender: Male
    • Electoral Year: 1913
    • Subdistrict: Rockhampton
    • State: Queensland
    • District: Capricornia
    • Country: Australia


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1913 12[edit]
  • Marriage registration: Ethel Bennett Norris
  • Marriage date: 18/12/1913
  • Spouse's name: Sidney Moir Sisley
  • Registration details: 1913/B/14216[22]


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ROLL OF HONOUR. 151ST CASUALTY LIST. Brisbane, March 11. The 151st Australian casualty list was released by the censor at 10 o'clock this morning. The summary reads:— Officers: Ill, 2. Others: Killed in action, 1; died of illness, 2; wound-ed, 2; severely wounded, 1; missing, 4; ill, 196; seriously ill, 49; danger-ously ill, 22; injured, 11; seriously injured, 3; staff nurses, ill, 1; total, 291. Total casualties, 294. The follow-ing are the Queenslanders mentioned: INJURIED. S.-Sgt. C. H. Galliott, 7th Bty, F.A. Bde, Spring Hill, in 1st A.G.R., Helio-polis (previously reported ill). ILL. Pte. A. W. Doyle, 26th Btn., 7th rfts., Kandanga, dangerously. Pte. R. R. Langan, 26th Btn., 7th rfts., Muckadilla, in 1st A.G.H. Pte. J. Mills, 26th Btn., 3rd rfts., Torwood, 2nd occasion, in 2nd A.G.H. Pte. R. V. Jocumsen, 25th Btn., 6th rfts., Brishane, in 1st A.G.H., Helio-polis. Pte. B. L. Williams, 25th Btn., 7th rfts., Killarney, in 1st A.G.H., Helio-polis. Cpl. A. J. Bromfield, 25th Btn., 7th rfts., Atherton, in 1st A.G.H., Helio-polis (previously reported ill). Pte. W. Hunter, 26th Btn., 7th rfts., Stockyard Creek, in 1st A.G.H., Heliopolis. Cpl. S. Joyce, 15th Btn., 11th rfts, Townsville, seriously, in 1st A.G.H., Heliopolis. Pte. J. Iddles, 15th Btn., Kelvin Grove, seriously, in 1st A.G.H., Helio-polis. Pte. J. Thompson, 15th Btn., 10th rfts., Southport, in 1st Aux. Hospital, Cairo. Sgt. W. A. Latham, Murgon, second occasion, in 1st A.G.H., Heliopolis. Pte. T. Dickson, 9th Btn., late 25th Btn., 13th rfts., Milton, seriously, in 1st A.G.H., Heliopolis. Sgt. D. L. Hopper, 5th L.H., 11th rfts., Bell, in 2nd A.G.H., Ghezireh. Pte. W. J. O'Grady, 5th L. H., 7th rfts., Toowoomba, in 2nd A.G.H., Ghe-zireh. Second-Lieut. F. J. Hockey, 2nd L.H, Hamilton, in Egyptian Government Hospjtal, Minia. Pte. P. J. Lacy, 2nd L.H., late 11th L.H., Ayr, in hospital, Minia. Pte. A. R. Mather, 2nd L.H., 8th rfts., Warra, in hospital, Minia. Dvr. S. Regazzoli, 11th L.H., Head-quarters, Halifax, second occasion, in hospital, Shoubra. Pte. G. W. Olsen, 2nd Remount Unit, Townsville, in 2nd A.G.H., Ghezireh. Pte. H. H. Epple, 2nd Remount Unit, Goombungee, in 4th Aux. Hos-pital, Cairo. Dvr. G. C. Beattie, 7th Inf. Bgde. Train, 17th A.S.C., Rockhampton, in 1st Aux. Hospital, Cairo. L.-Cpl. E. L. Norris, 1st A.G. Hos-pital, Wooloowin, in 1st A.G.H., Helio-polis. Dvr. E. Coop, 17th Div. Amen? Park, 301st A.S.C., Nanango, second occasion, in hospital, Montazah. Pte. D. .M. Grayson, 11th L. H., 1st rfts., Warwick, seriously, in 1st A.G.H., Heliopolis. . . . [23]

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  • Accession Number E03426
  • Collection type Photograph
  • Object type Black & white - Glass original whole plate negative
  • Maker Unknown Australian Official Photographer
  • Place made France: Haute-Normandie, Seine Maritime, Rouen
  • Date made 23 September 1918
  • Copyright Item copyright: Copyright expired - public domain

Description Outdoor group portrait of the Commanding Officer and sergeants of the 1st Australian General Hospital. Identified from left to right, back row: 656 Sergeant (Sgt) Frederick John King from Frewville, South Australia; 44 Sgt George William Carseldine from Brisbane, Queensland; 69 Sgt Vernon George Terry from Hawthorn, Victoria; 90 Staff Sergeant (SSgt) William Prendergast Passmore from Stanthorpe, Queensland; 1004 SSgt Donald James Cameron from George Town, Tasmania; 328 Sgt Thomas McGregor MM from Brisbane; 16593 SSgt David Shepherd North from Beecroft, NSW; 1555 Sgt William Stewart from Woodford, Queensland; and 197 Sgt Reginald Etherbert Ruddell from Hawthorn, Victoria. Middle row: (1) 10699 SSgt Thomas Southren Mirfin from Toowong, Queensland; (2) 138 SSgt Thomas John McNamara from Armadale, Victoria; (3) 16 Sgt Thomas Lamb from Yarram North, Victoria; (4) 7982 SSgt Sidney Lawson Bath from Kalgoorlie, Western Australia; (5) 1165 Sgt Harold Roy Raphael from Unley, South Australia; (6) 42 Sgt Edgar Lewin Norris from Woolowin, Queensland; (7) 56 Sgt Harold James Shepherd from Coorparoo, Queensland; (8) 52A Sgt Roy Alfred Nutting from Caulfield, Victoria; and (9) 3984 Sgt John Joseph Moran from Broken Hill, NSW. Front row: 1732 SSgt Arthur Leaming Miscamble from Drummoyne, NSW; 1629 SSgt Osmond Sydney Baker from Brisbane; 166 SSgt Joseph Henry Jacobs from St Kilda, Victoria; 783 Warrant Officer Francis Ernest Middleton from Sydney; Colonel James Adam Dick CMG from Randwick, NSW, Commanding Officer; Major Edgar Selwyn Harrison from Sydney; 14 Quartermaster Sergeant Darrell Summerville from Ipswich, Queensland; 4 SSgt Leslie Clarence Hall from Ballarat, Victoria; and 21 Sgt Stanley Charles Grahame from Melbourne.

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1918 12[edit]
  • Marriage registration: Elsie Louise Norris
  • Marriage date: 23/12/1918
  • Spouse's name: Alfred Jande Topor-Markowicz
  • Registration details: 1919/C/191 [24]


1919 01[edit]

Returning Anzacs. LIST U. The following original Anzacs on special leave have been listed for return to Australia, and are actually en route from abroad. No further information can be supplied excepting the approximate time of arrival, which will be published in the Press before disembarkation. The list is as cabled, and is open to correction on account of mutilation in cabling and other causes:— . . . 498 Cpl. W. W. McNally, Inf. Base Dpt., Too-woomba. 1714a 2nd A. M. W. G. McVinish, Fly Cps., Brls. 42 Sgt. E. L. Norris, 1st A.G. H.. Brisbane. 5293 Pte. P. M. Overgard, 4th Fill. Bky., Brls. 1720 Mt. Dvr. A. R. Perkins, 1st Div. M.T.C., Brisbane. 5296 L.-Cpl. J. Pollock, 4th Fld, Bky., Brls. 225 Cpl. F. Pope, 9th Btn., Brisbane. 258 Pte. F. Reditt, 9th Btn., Gympie. 751 T.-Cpl. H. A. C. Richards, 9th Btn., Bris. 136 Sdlr. W. A. Sweet. 28th A.S.C,, Brisbane. 1663 Mt. Dvr. J. T. Tebby, 4th A. D., .M.T.C., Brisbane. 186 Pte. A. Thompson. Pro. Cps. Maryborough 144 Dvr. J. Verney. 5th D. Train. Enoggera. 2386a Gnr. E. H. Waters. 11th F.A.B., Brls. 596 Dvr. W. Young. 1st M. G. B., Maryborough.[25]

PERSONAL. . . . Mrs. F. E. Norris of Lisson Grove, Wooloowin, has been notified officially that her eldest son, Sergeant E. L. Norris, is returning to Australia.[26]

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A PROGRESSIVE BUSINESS. In our business columns today Mr. Lawrence Young, the well known optician, announces that he is able to carry on business as usual. The damage done by the recent fire is rapidly being repaired and the consulting room is now in working order. The machinery in the workshop, which includes one of the largest surfacing plants in Queensland, is being overhauled, and Mr. Young has engaged the services of Mr. E. L. Norris, a returned soldier, who served his apprenticeship with him and who prior to the war was employed at Messrs. A. P. Greenfield and Co., Brisbane. Mr. Norris, who spent nearly four and a half years "over there" made himself acquainted with all the latest optical appliances while in England and France. He journeyed to Sydney on Saturday to inspect one of the latest automatic rimless machines which is capable of grinding half a dozen pairs of lenses at one time. Mr. Norris returns from Sydney on Wednesday and takes up his duties in charge of the workshop on Thursday. His many friends wish him every success.[27]

9708 9708 9708 9708 NINE Thousand Seven Hundred and Eight. That was the number of the last test recorded in my Register on October 4 — the day a fire broke out near my workshop. This means that I have nearly Ten Thousand Clients on my Books. Fortunately all those Records were saved. To enable me to cater more fully for such a large Clientile I have put additional machinery into my up-to-date workshop. Sergeant E. L. NORRIS, late A.I.F., has charge of this Department. Lawrence Young OPTOMETRIST RUTHVEN STREET TOOWOOMBA.[28]

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Marriage of Edgar Lewin Norris' sister Marguerite Agnes Norris to Richard Siddon James

  • Marriage registration: Marguerite Agnes Norris
  • Marriage date: 05/06/1920
  • Spouse's name: Richard Siddon James
  • Registration details: 1920/C/1841 [29]
1920 07[edit]
1920 08[edit]

Death of Frank Charles Norris, brother of Edgar Lewin Norris

  • Death registration: Frank Charles Norris
  • Death date: 06/08/1920
  • Mother's name: Louise Swan
  • Father/parent's name: Frank Edgar Norris
  • Registration details: 1920/B/32705 [30]

FUNERAL NOTICES. . . . NORRIS.— The Friends of Mr. and Mrs. F. E. NORRIS and Family, late of Lisson Grove, Wooloowin, are respectfully invited to attend the Funeral of their deceased Son and Brother, Francis Charles, late third Q.G.S.R., late A.I.F., to move from Alex. Gow's Funeral Parlour, 550 Queen-street, Petrie Bight, THIS (Saturday) FORENOON, at 10 o'clock, for the Toowong Cemetery. No flowers, by request. ALEX. GOW, Undertaker, &c., Petrie Bight. NORRIS.— The Friends of Mr. and Mrs. S. SISLEY, Mr. and Mrs. R. S. JAMES, are respectfully invited to attend the Funeral of their Brother and Brother-in-law, Francis Charles Norris, to move from Alex. Gow's Funeral Parlour, 550 Queen-street, Petrie Bight, THIS (Saturday) FORENOON, at 10 o'clock, for the Toowong Cemetery. No flowers, by request. ALEX. GOW, Undertaker, &c., Petrie Bight.[31]

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1921 01[edit]
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THE TOOWOOMBA HOSPITAL. COMMITTEE MEETING. . . . X-RAY OPERATOR. Mr. E. L. Norris was appointed temporary X-ray operator. A scale of charges was adopted for X-ray plates. Circulars will be sent out to all medicos within a defined area, also, a copy of a plate of an X-ray photograph.[32]

1921 03[edit]

TOOWOOMBA HOSPITAL. MEETING OF THE COMMITTEE. X-RAY PLANT CHARGES. The ordinary meeting of the Committee of the Toowoomba Hospital was held last evening, when there were present Messrs. T. R. Roberts, M.L.A. (presiding), A. Greig, F. L. Hopkins, W. T. Petch, A. Drohan and the secretary (Mr. Sydney Austen). An apology for unavoidable absence was received on behalf of Mr. J. D. Annand and Mr. Mattingley. . . . X-RAY PLANT. The secretary tabled a number of applications for the position of X-Ray operator stating that Dr. Freshney would not recommend any of them. He also read an application from the present operator, Mr. E. L. Norris, whose engagement for twelve months was decided upon at a.salary of £120. per annum. The secretary submitted a new scale for X-Ray charges to outside medical men varying from £1 to £2/10/ as drawn up by Mr. Norris. The chairman suggested that they should run the plant for a couple of months at a charge of £1/1/ all round. It was ultimately agreed to accept the basis of charges, leaving discretionary powers in the hands of the secretary.[33]

THE TOOWOOMBA HOSPITAL. COMMITTEE MEETING. In addition to the business in our issue of Saturday, the following was transacted by the Hospital Committee on Friday night:— COLLECTOR'S REPORT. The collector (Mr. W. J. Perkins) reported that for February the endowable receipts were £165/0/3, as follows:— Subscriptions £78/8/6, employees' groups £20/0/5, schools £2/7/2, benefits £64/4/2. A total of £50/8/5 had passed through his books, for the three days of this month. Acland was holding a benefit on March 12, and Rossvale on Easter Monday. He had formed another group. The report was adopted. X-RAY OPERATOR. The secretary said they had to appoint an operator. The man they had was only on temporary. Mr. E. L. Norris had written stating that he would take over the duties for £120 per annum for two nights a week and on Sundays. Dr. Freshney had expressed the opinion that this was about the best offer they had. Mr. Norris was doing splendid work, said the secretary. Mr. Norris's offer was accepted for 12 months, subject to the bylaws. Regarding the X-Ray changes the secretary said that all the honorary medicos had stated that the charges fixed were too high. Mr. Norris had drafted a scale of charges ranging from 10/ to £2/10/. The secretary said, that a certain amount of latitude should be allowed him in relation to what a patient could pay. Mr. Roberts asked would it not be possible to make a minimum charge of £1/1/ all round, for a while? The previous resolution was rescinded, the scale submitted by Mr. Norris was adopted, with the proviso that no one be turned away.[34]

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A CELEBRATION. Today Mr. Young, optometrist, of Ruthven-street, celebrates his eighteenth anniversary in practice in Toowoomba. After arriving in Australia from Edinburgh, Scotland, about twenty years ago, Mr. Young had some further experience in Melbourne and Sydney. Since settling down in Toowoomba eighteen years ago he has built up one of the largest optical businesses in Queensland. Year by year he has extended his premises and added to his workshop all the latest machinery for grinding the most complicated lenses. His chief of staff (Mr. E. L. Norris), well known now as a radiographer for the Toowoomba Hospital, has also had considerable experience, both overseas and Home. For the convenience of his country clients, Mr. Young has established permanent consulting rooms in all the principal towns (twenty in number) on the Downs, as far south as Stanthorpe, and west to Roma, Gatton, Laidley, and Brisbane are also included. Regular periodical visits are made to these branches, either by Mr. Young or one of his competent staff.[35]

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TOOWOOMBA. FORTHCOMING SHOW. WIRELESS INSTALLATION. TOOWOOMBA, Sunday.— . . . WIRELESS TELEPHONE. The Royal Agricultural Society is negotiating tor the installation of a wireless telephone during the coming show, and it is hoped that messages will be received from the Prime Minister and others, which will be heard by large numbers on the grounds. It is also hoped that permission will be given for the transmission of messages. But no definite arrangement has yet been arrived at.[36]

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1923 09[edit]

Death of Louise Norris, mother of Edgar Lewin Norris

  • Death registration: Louise Norris
  • Death date: 11/09/1923
  • Mother's name: Agnes Lewis
  • Father/parent's name: Lewin Swan
  • Registration details: 1923/C/4645 [37]
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1924 01[edit]

BROADCASTING. WONDERS OF WIRELESS. A Popular Pastime. TOOWOOMBA EXPERIMENTS. Amongst the inventions of modern times, wireless has conferred many great benefits upon humanity. It has brought the outskirts of civilisation into touch with the centres of population, and has made stronger the invisible bonds that hold together the greatest Empire the world has ever seen. In the maritime trade of the world it has saved thousands of lives and prevented many shipwrecks. Wireless has made safer the lives of seamen by its weather reports and storm warnings. Commanders both of sea and air craft, particularly those working about the North Sea and English Channel, where fogs are dense and frequent, have reason to be thankful to wireless. When there is no sunshine and no stars to be seen, there are no means of ascertaining their position, and invariably, in these circumstances, ships have had to drop anchor and wait until such times as something could be seen. This was bad enough, but as long as they made continuous noises or sounded the siren there was not much danger. For aeroplanes fogs are much more severe, and serious. They cannot keep long in the air, and while they do remain they must keep moving. The danger of collision is therefore very great. Eventually, when they have to land what is to happen? Good landing places are very few, and if the pilots do not know where they are it is almost certain the machines will crash. Now there are wireless stations with direction-finding devices, which pick up the call of the craft, and any two of these stations can accurately plot the position of the craft and tell exactly where it is. This position is repeated to the aeroplane, until it is safely guided to its destination. Within comparatively recent years a branch of wireless, if it may be termed so, has been brought into being, and its far-reaching effects, as yet, cannot even be calculated. "Broadcasting" or "Radiographing" might be stated to be still in its infancy, but within a short period marvellous progress has been made and wonderful performances accomplished. By broadcasting is meant the sending out of weather reports, concerts, speeches, sermons, news of all descriptions, comic operas and soforth from a "Broadcasting" station, the words of which can be picked up by persons possessing suitable receiving "sets." Australia, by reason of its distance from the Continent and America, must necessarily lag behind in "radio" progress, but some Australian experimenters, such as Charles Maclurgan [sic, Maclurcan], have created world's records in transmitting on low powers. In America and on the Continent receiving sets are as common as the ordinary telephone and gramophone. With wireless, however, as with everything else, there are things that we would better be without. At times the atmospherical conditions make unwelcome noises in broadcasting, but these conditions do not last any length of time, and with the establishment of powerful transmitting sets the atmospherics will not be the trouble they are now on occasions. The struggle on a bad night in endeavouring to pick up Sydney telephony sent out by an amateur working 15 watts is sometimes severe, but with stations possessing 5000 watts the situation will be considerably improved. England, although only the size of New South Wales, has approximately seven broadcasting stations, all high powered, so that a receiver with his set would never be far distant from a station. In Australia there are at present Broadcasters Ltd., a few low-powered stations about the various capitals, and the broadcasting stations of certain big warehouses in Sydney. No doubt stations will be built in Melbourne, and probably the other capitals later on. At present the people in Queensland can only look with any expectation upon Sydney as the communication depot. Recently Switzerland has been taking an active interest in wireless, and has been in touch with Paris broadcasting. The general success of this was considered rather remarkable, and was accounted for by the elevation and extraordinary atmosphere of Switzerland. The distance from Paris to Switzerland is less than the distance from Brisbane to Sydney. With the 500 watt set of the Australian firms good results are obtained in Toowoomba, and when the 5000 watt set of a well-known Sydney warehouse is in working order it should be very much better. Whether results can be got clearly and regularly on sets that are sufficiently simple to be used by people who have no great knowledge of wireless remains to be seen. In a short while people will have a working knowledge of wireless, at least to the same extent as they have of a motor car. They will also understand that they cannot expect good results on bad days in the same way that they do not expect an enjoyable motor drive over country roads in bad weather. In Toowoomba, as far as can be ascertained, there are about seven radio sets, only three of which, it is stated, can both transmit and receive. The pioneer in Toowoomba of wireless is Mr. W. Bright, Hume-street, north. Mr. Bright first started on wireless in 1913. The war, however, interferred with his experiments and it was not until 1919, that he resumed. At the outset of his experiments, Mr. Bright had a crystal receiving set, which grew into a combination crystal and valve and from that to the full set. Many of Mr. Bright's instruments have been made by himself and in their construction he has displayed considerable ingenuity. Mr. Bright is exceedingly keen on wireless, and his technical knowledge of the subject is surprising. Success has rewarded his efforts for (using the Morse Code) he has heard the wireless stations of Carnarvon (Wales). Lyons (France), Nauen (Germany), Moscow (Russia) American stations. Japanese stations and the Australian stations. Mr. Bright is a keen student of wireless, and in his grasp of the technical and mechanical phases of it, he certainly has no superior in Toowoomba. Colonel Fortescue also has taken up wireless wholeheartedly. He has a fine set at his residence in Arthur-street, portions of the set being made by himself. The set consists of three valves, one detector, and two stages of Andro [sic] frequency amplification. The set is built and fitted into an ordinary writing desk, and is so constructed that the parts can be easily taken out to enable it to be altered to make up any part as required. The Colonel's primary reason for taking up wireless is from a military standpoint, for he realises it will play an important part in future military operations. He hopes to get the members of the 25th Battalion, of which he is commanding officer, and particularly the signallers, interested in it. An evening spent at Colonel Fortescue's residence with Lieut. Hilless, Warrant Officers Rodham and Lyon, with the set in operation, was an experience that will never be forgotten by the writer. The programme for the night, was carried out in conjunction with Mr. C. Norris, of Hume-street (south), who also posses a powerful set. He, like Colonel Fortescue and Mr. Bright, has made many of the parts himself. Although he has been in the "game" only 18 months, Mr. Norris has met with singular success. When transmitting, he uses three watts, that is, there is less current passing across the valve than is contained in an ordinary electric pocket torch. It might be mentioned here, that each set is given a number according to the State in which the set is operated. The number 4 is used for Queensland, 2 for New South Wales, and so on. Various wave lengths are allowed to amateurs, commercial stations, broadcasting stations, etc., so as to prevent one set. interfering with another. But we have lost sight or our programme. Seated about six feet from the Colonel's set, we soon hear Mr. Norris's voice distinctly (his set call is 4CK) saying "4CK here, 4CK here, C. Norris, Hume-street, south. How are you tonight 4GE." That is the Colonel's call). Then follows a conversation on technical wireless subjects, and then "The first item on the programme, supplied per medium of a gramophone will be, Three o'Clock in the Morning." Then as clear as if it were in the same room, the words of "Three o'clock in the Morning" are heard, the bell effects being beautiful. The next item was, "Yes, We Have No Bananas." It was equally clear, the night being practically free from atmospherics. For over an hour, Mr. Norris entertained those in the Colonel's room, and then shut off. Colonel Fortescue, on his set, talked to Mr. Norris for a short period, and made arrangements for the party to go down to Mr. Norris's place later in the evening. The talking and listening had to be done in turns, switching alternately to the receiver and the transmitter. One of the latest developments is a set with which it is possible to listen and talk.at the same time, like a telephone, but, as far as is known, there are none of this type in Australia as yet. Sydney was next picked up and those in the room heard a lady singing about Spring, and later a gentleman informed the party that it was stormy on the coast and dry inland. A storm was raging near Sydney for the flashes of lightning created atmospherics that, to a certain extent, interfered with the hearing. Later the party went to Mr. Norris's and saw the gramophone, placed close to Mr. Norris's set, which had entertained them. Sydney was also picked up by Mr. Norris, but it was difficult to hear the singers, the storm having increased in violence. Every night from 7 to 10, a Sydney firm is arranging to broadcast various items. Up to 7.30 p.m. there are fairy tales for the children and from thence to 10 o'clock are the items for the adults. But to be appreciated fully, listening in should be experienced and after such an experience one wonders where the advances that are bound to be made in radio will cease. The latest proposal is to see by wireless. One reason given why broadcasting is lagging behind in Australia is that difficulty has been experienced in building receivers, which will give efficient reception and, at the same time, conform to the regulations. Those competent to express an opinion declare that the task of building receivers which will conform to the regulations and give efficient reception, is likely to prove such a difficult one, that it will probably induce the authorities to scrap the "sealed receiver" condition.[38]

1924 02[edit]
1924 03[edit]

LEGAL NOTICES. IN THE SUPREME COURT OF QUEENSLAND. (Rockhampton). In the WILL of LOUISE NORRIS, late of Toowoomba, in the State of Queensland (wife of Frank Edgar Norris, of the same place, Chemist), deceased. NOTICE is hereby given that after the expiration of Fourteen Days from the date of the publication hereof, application will be made to this Honourable Court that PROBATE of the WILL of the above-named LOUISE NORRIS, deceased, may be granted to WILLIAM STUART LOWTHER, of Rockhampton, in the State of Queensland, Contractor, the sole Executor named in the said Will. Any person interested who desires to object to the application, or to be heard upon it, may file a Caveat in the Registry at Rockhampton at any time before the grant is made. Dated this Twenty-sixth day of February, 1924. GRANT & STUMM, Solicitors for the said William Stuart Lowther, Denham-street, Rockhampton. 480a[39]

1924 04[edit]

SUPREME COURT MATTERS. . . . Probate was also granted in the will of Louise Norris, late of Toowoomba, wife of Frank Edgar Norris, also of Toowoomba, chemist, de-ceased, to William Stuart Lowther, of Rockhampton, contractor. The papers were filed by Messrs. Grant and Stumm.[40]

1924 05[edit]

TOOWOOMBA'S RADIO CLUB. The usual meeting of the Radio Club was held in the Gordon Club rooms on Monday night (writes "Electron"). There was a good attendance of members, and after half an hour's Morse practice some interesting points in theory and practice were discussed. An apology was received from Mr. E. Gold, who was to have given a lecture, but was unavoidably detained in conducting another test. The four local amateur transmitting stations will be transmitting as follows:— Mr. W. Bright, 4A (sic, 4AA), indefinite. Mr. Bright is busy on a generator which promises to give his set a very distinctive D.C. "hum"; Mr. E. L. Norris, 4CK, Sunday, 7-8 p.m., Morse code, music and telephony. Colonel C. Fortescue, 4GE, Sunday, 10-11 a.m., telephony and music; Mr. E. Gold, 4EG.; particulars of working this station will be published next week. Members are advised to listen for Mr. Norris 4CK particularly, as he will transmit slow Morse in order that amateurs may obtain the practice necessary before amateur transmitting can be read in code. Efficiency in Morse is necessary before one can really be called an experimenter, and it is the club's aim to make every member efficient in this important part of radio science. Membership is open to all, and anyone interested is invited to attend at the Gordon Club on Monday nights at 8 o'clock. Members are requested to bring headphones, pencil and paper tor Morse practice. Mr. Eggleton's station boasts a new mast, which looks most imposing and efficient. 4GE and 4CK have lately erected a counterpoise each, and find that the distance of transmission is considerably increased thereby. The latter station has been heard over 2000 miles away, which is most excellent. For Watch and Jewellery Repairs, A. J. Batterbee, Jeweller, Margaret-street.[41]

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  • Australia, Electoral Rolls, 1903-1980
    • Name: Edgar Lewin Norris (Logan's, Cooloolah, Hume St., Optometrist, Male, no other Norris at this address)
    • Gender: Male
    • Electoral Year: 1925
    • Subdistrict: Toowoomba
    • District: Darling Downs
    • State: Queensland
    • Country: Australia [42]
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DISPENSING WITH ACCOUNTS. The Registrar of the Supreme Court (Mr. J. R. Gair) has granted an order dispensing with the filing and passing of accounts until a further order to the executor, William Stuart Lowther, of Rockhampton, in the will of Louise Norris, late of Toowoomba (wife of Frank Edgar Norris, of the same place), deceased. Messrs. Grant and Stumm, solicitors for the executor, filed the papers in the matter.[43]

  • Marriage registration: Edgar Lewin Norris
  • Marriage date: 28/09/1925
  • Spouse's name: Gladys Madoline Nolan
  • Registration details: 1925/B/38084 [44]
1925 10[edit]

NORRIS-NOLAN. At St. Stephen's Cathedral on September 28, the marriage was celebrated of Mr. Edwin Norris (Toowoomba) and Miss Gladys Nolan (Toowoomba). The Rev. Father Molony officiated. Mr. Clarence Nolan gave his sister away, and the bride was attended by her sister, Miss Elsie Nolan, bridesmaid. Mr. Joe Comerford (Nobby, and uncle of the bride) carried out the duties of best man. After the ceremony the guests were entertained at Rowe's Cafe at a wedding breakfast. Owing to the unavoidable absence of the bride's mother, the guests were received by Mrs. M. Caulfield. Subsequently Mr. and Mrs. Norris left for their wedding tour.[45]

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  • Australia, Electoral Rolls, 1903-1980
    • Name: Edgar Lewin Norris (Parkview, Hume St., Optometrist, Male)
    • Name: Gladys Madeline (Parkview, Hume St. South, Home Duties, Female)
    • Electoral Year: 1928
    • Subdistrict: Toowoomba
    • District: Darling Downs
    • State: Queensland
    • Country: Australia [46]
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Marriage of brother of Edgar Lewin Norris

  • Marriage registration
  • Registration Number: 11681/1932
  • Groom's Family Name: NORRIS
  • Groom's Given Name(s): VIVIAN C
  • Bride's Family Name(s): CUMMINS
  • Bride's Given Name(s): VINA I
  • Registration District: NEWCASTLE[47]
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1905 05[edit]
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1945 12[edit]


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1949 12[edit]



1950 01[edit]
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1950 06[edit]
1950 07[edit]
1950 08[edit]
1950 09[edit]
1950 10[edit]
1950 11[edit]
1950 12[edit]


1951 01[edit]
  • Death registration: Frank Edgar Norris
  • Birth date: 23/01/1951
  • Mother's name: Caroline Bennett
  • Father/parent's name: William Henry Norris
  • Registration details: 1951/C/1042 [48]
1951 02[edit]
1951 03[edit]
1951 04[edit]
1951 05[edit]
1951 06[edit]
1951 07[edit]
1951 08[edit]
1951 09[edit]
1951 10[edit]
1951 11[edit]
1951 12[edit]


1952 01[edit]
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1952 04[edit]
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1952 07[edit]
1952 08[edit]
1952 09[edit]
1952 10[edit]
1952 11[edit]
1952 12[edit]


1953 01[edit]
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1953 03[edit]
1953 04[edit]
1953 05[edit]
1953 06[edit]
1953 07[edit]
1953 08[edit]
1953 09[edit]
1953 10[edit]
1953 11[edit]
1953 12[edit]


1954 01[edit]

Listens to own fiddle. From FREDERIC ROGERS. TOOWOOMBA: A Toowoomba business man had a place in the final session of the Summer School yesterday. He is Ruthven Street optometrist Mr. E. L. Norris who attended Mr. George White's lecture to hear played a violin that he made. Before beginning construction of the instrument, which he had never previously attempted, he had to make the tiny planes for the ticklish job. The complete fiddle is a copy of the Stradivarius Messiah violin. After playing it, Mr. White described it as "not only nice-looking but fine-sounding. The tone is a little thin in parts but adjustment can be made that may improve it considerably." In a concert last night students showed what they have been doing in much of their spare time when a choir, a mime group and a full string group provided the greater part of the programme. Mrs. Myfawny Sullivan had a three-part ladies' choir singing at a first-rate standard of both tone and precision, and the mime group formed by Miss Grace Stafford before her departure added a well-handled piece of nonsence. Mrs. Sullivan and Miss Elizabeth Todd contributed songs. With an organ recital for students this morning, the ninth Summer School of Music will end. Mr. Sydney May in a few valedictory words last night, briefly referred to the possibility of continuance of the scheme, but that remains to be discussed.[49]

(Start Photo Caption) Mr. E. L. Norris, Toowoomba optometrist, shows the violin he made in his spare time, with some of the special tools he had to make before start-ing on the delicate job. Leader of the Queens-land Symphony Orchestra, Mr. George White, who played the violin at the Summer School of Music, said it looked nice, sounded fine.(End Photo Caption)[50]

1954 02[edit]
1954 03[edit]
1954 04[edit]
1954 05[edit]
1954 06[edit]
1954 07[edit]
1954 08[edit]
1954 09[edit]
1954 10[edit]
1954 11[edit]
1954 12[edit]


1955 01[edit]
1955 02[edit]
1955 03[edit]
1955 04[edit]
1955 05[edit]
1955 06[edit]
1955 07[edit]
1955 08[edit]
1955 09[edit]
1955 10[edit]
1955 11[edit]
1955 12[edit]


1956 01[edit]
1956 02[edit]
1956 03[edit]
1956 04[edit]
1956 05[edit]
1956 06[edit]
1956 07[edit]
1956 08[edit]
  • Death registration: Edgar Lewin Norris
  • Death date: 31/08/1956
  • Mother's name: Louise Swan
  • Father/parent's name: Frank Edgar Norris
  • Registration details: 1956/C/4321 [51]
1956 09[edit]
1956 10[edit]
1956 11[edit]
1956 12[edit]


1957 01[edit]
1957 02[edit]
1957 03[edit]
1957 04[edit]
1957 05[edit]
1957 06[edit]
1957 07[edit]
1957 08[edit]
1957 09[edit]
1957 10[edit]
1957 11[edit]
1957 12[edit]


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1958 08[edit]
1958 09[edit]
1958 10[edit]
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1958 12[edit]


1959 01[edit]
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1959 04[edit]
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1959 08[edit]
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1959 10[edit]
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1959 12[edit]



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1960 08[edit]
1960 09[edit]
1960 10[edit]
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1960 12[edit]


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1961 12[edit]


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1962 12[edit]


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1965 12[edit]


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1966 12[edit]


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1967 12[edit]


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1968 12[edit]


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1969 12[edit]



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1970 12[edit]


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1971 10[edit]
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1971 12[edit]


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1972 12[edit]


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1975 11[edit]
1975 12[edit]


1976 01[edit]
1976 02[edit]
1976 03[edit]
1976 04[edit]
1976 05[edit]
1976 06[edit]
1976 07[edit]
  • Death registration: Ethel Bennett Sisley
  • Death date: 15/07/1976
  • Mother's name: Louisa Lowtiher
  • Father/parent's name: Francis Edwin Norris
  • Registration details: 1976/C/5406 [52]
1976 08[edit]
1976 09[edit]
1976 10[edit]
1976 11[edit]
1976 12[edit]


1977 01[edit]
1977 02[edit]
1977 03[edit]
1977 04[edit]
1977 05[edit]
1977 06[edit]
1977 07[edit]
  • Death registration: Marguerite Agnes Franks
  • Death date: 28/07/1977
  • Mother's name: Louisa Swan
  • Father/parent's name: Frank Edgar Norris
  • Registration details: 1977/B/79829 [53]
1977 08[edit]
1977 09[edit]
1977 10[edit]
1977 11[edit]
1977 12[edit]


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1980 08[edit]
1980 09[edit]
1980 10[edit]
1980 11[edit]
1980 12[edit]


Death of Vina Isobel Norris, (wife of Vivian Clive Norris), a sister-in-law of Edgar Lewin Norris

  • Death registration
  • Registration Number: 101648/1981
  • Father's Given Name(s): JOSEPH JEREMIAH
  • Mother's Given Name(s): AMY AMELIA
  • Registration District: blank[54]
1981 01[edit]
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