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Overview[edit | edit source]

Of the first 10 B Class broadcasting stations announced on 15 November 1924 as having been licensed by the Postmaster-General, only three were to be based in Sydney. The Sydney licensees were AWA, a conglomerate of radio interests and Electrical Utilities. The AWA station was never implemented as the combine elected to focus on equipment supply. The radio interests conglomerate was the first to commence (2BE Sydney), but failed in the late 1920s in the context of the great depression. But the Electrical Utilities station commenced quietly on 26 January 1925 under the stewardship of Cecil Vincent ("Pa") Stevenson and with minimum capital expenditure and low ongoing costs. It survives today as 2UE Sydney, the oldest presently licensed commercial radio station and as one of the strongest and most popular radio stations in Australia.

Wireless Regulations 1922[edit | edit source]

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Wireless Regulations 1924[edit | edit source]

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Transcriptions and Notes[edit | edit source]

More than 150 key articles relevant to 2UE, mainly from the NLA's Trove Digitised Newspapers have been transcribed for ease of reference here: 2UE Transcriptions and Notes

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Regulatory[edit | edit source]

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