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A digiBLAST handheld.



The digiBLAST was designed by Grey Innovation, a company in Melbourne, Australia.[1]

Names considered for the digiBLAST included "Xplorerr" and "Go-Deck".[2]


The digiBLAST saw a western European release in November of 2005 for 79.95 euros.[3][4][5] The DigiBLAST sold at a loss.[2] 200,000 digiBLASTs were expected to sell during the 2005 holiday season.[1][3]


The digiBLAST sold at most 100,000 consoles, and was taken off the market around 2008.[6][7]

Grey Innovations survived the failure of the digiBLAST. It still existed as of 2020 and was the first company to produce ventilators for the Australian National Stockpile during the COVID-19 pandemic.[8]



The digiBLAST is powered by a Samsung OCEAN-L-20 SOC containing an ARM9 based CPU.[9][10][11]


The digiBLAST has an LCD that easily ghosts.[3][12]

The digiBLAST has mono audio.[13]

A demo unit of the digiBLAST had a rechargeable battery that offers 10 hours of playtime.[14] The battery takes four hours to charge.[14] The shipped unit simply took for AA batteries.[15]

A pop out stand is used to prop the console up on tables and other flat surfaces.[16]

An optional MP3 Player module adds 256 megabytes of storage for music.[2]


The digiBLAST runs Linux, which is loaded from game cartridges.[17][3][2]

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