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The original Xbox console with an S type controller attached.


The Duke controller


Development of the original Xbox was started in February 1998 as the DirectX box by a four person team at Microsoft.[1][2][3]

Prototype Xbox controllers included a screen.[4]

Microsoft acquired Bungie in 2000 for $30 million dollars, including projects in development such as Oni and Halo.[5][1]

Isao Okawa, the chairman of Sega, petitioned Bill Gates to add Dreamcast compatibility to the Xbox as Sega prepared to leave the hardware business.[6]

The dashboard used public domain sounds from the Apollo 11 mission as background noise.[7][8]

A budget of $500 million dollars was set up to promote the Xbox.[9]


The Microsoft Xbox was released on November 15th, 2001 at a cost of $299.[10][11] Over a million Xbox consoles sold in the first three weeks on the market in North America, though the system struggled in Japan and Europe.[1]

Xbox Live was launched in November of 2002.[12]


The Xbox was discontinued in 2009, having sold 24 million consoles.[2]

The Kodi Media Player was originally created as the unofficial Xbox Media Center (XBMC) for the Xbox in 2004.[13][14]



A Pentium-III CPU from an original Xbox.

The original Xbox uses a modified Intel Pentium III CPU clocked at 733 megahertz.[15][16]

An Xbox NVIDIA GeForce 3 derived GPU clocked at 250 megahertz is integrated into the northbridge.[15][16]

The Xbox has 64 mebibytes of shared RAM.[15][16]

The Xbox was capable of 20 gigaflops.[17]


The internal IDE hard drive of the original Xbox held 8GB of data.[18][15] The Xbox also had an IDE DVD drive.[15]

Xbox Controllers connect over USB 1.1 with a unique physical connector.[15]

The Xbox has a 100 megabit ethernet port.[15]

Notable Games[edit]


The 2001 Launch Team Edition Console, signed by Bill Gate



Xbox display at Minho Campus Party 2004.




Duke controller[edit]

S controller[edit]





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