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PlayStation 2

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An original PS2
A PS2 slim model



Sony first announced a successor console to the original PlayStation on March 2nd, 1999.[1]


The PlayStation 2 was released in Japan on March 4th, 2000.[2] The PlayStation 2 saw release in the United States on October 26th, 2000.[3]

The Slim PlayStation 2 was released in September of 2004.[4][5]


Manufacturing for the PlayStation 2 stopped in 2013, having sold 150 million consoles.[6]



The PlayStation 2 uses the 128 bit Emotion Engine processor clocked at 300 MHz.[7] The Emotion Engine includes the MIPS III architecutre CPU, two vector units, as well as DSP functions.[8][9] The Emotion Engine has ten floating point multiply accumulators that help it send approprite data to the graphics processor quickly.[10] The console's floating point unit co processor is capable of 6.2GFLOPS.[7][11]

The PlayStation 2 has 32 megabytes of RDRAM and 4 megabytes of VRAM.[7]

Notable Games[edit]

Used PS2 Games for sale in 2009.




Playstation at E3 2003.





Console Hardware[edit]

Original PS2[edit]

Slim PS2[edit]

Updated Slim PS2[edit]

An updated slim PS2 with integrated power supply.



PS2 Linux Kit[edit]

The PS2 Linux kit was an official kit that cost $500, including a 40 gigabyte hard drive, ethernet adapter, and keyboard.[12]


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