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The ApeXtreme was set to launch in spring, and then the summer of 2004 at a cost of around $399 for the full unit, and $299 for a reduced capability console.[1][2] The announcement of revised specifications around March of 2004 also included raising the price to $499.[3]

In December of 2004 the chairman of Apex Digital was arrested by authorities in China on charges of fraud.[4] At the time Apex had 113 employees.[4]

By January 3rd, 2005 development on the ApeXtreme was postponed, with DISCover support being dropped from the planned console.[5]


CES 2004 Specs[edit]


The ApeXtreme uses a VIA CN400 processor clocked at 1.4 gigahertz[6]

The GPU of the ApeXtreme is a S3 DeltaChrome.[6]


The ApeXtreme had planned to use a 40 gigabyte IDE hard drive and a DVD player for storage.[6][2][7]

Via Vinyl Audio was going to be used to offer Dolby 5.1 sound output.[6]

The ApeXtreme offered 10/100 megabit ethernet, and also a dial up modem with a speed of 56.6 kilobits per second for internet connectivity.[8][6]


The ApeXtreme runs an embedded version of Windows XP.[2][7]

Mid 2004 specs[edit]


The ApeXtreme was supposed to use an AMD Athlon XP 2000+ processor.[3][9]

The ApeXtreme was set to use a GeForce 4MX GPU built into a motherboard using the nForce2 chipset by Biostar.[3][9]

RAM used was 256 megabytes of DDR SDRAM clocked at 256 Megahertz.[3][10]


The revised system still included a 40 gigabyte hard drive.[3][9]

The ApeXtreme was supposed to be capable of recording video.[3][9]

Notable games[edit]

The ApeXtreme was intended to play existing PC games.[2]

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