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The Sport Vii


The Sport Vii in box

The Vii mimics the appearance and name to the Nintendo Wii, but is otherwise unrelated.

The Vii was launched in China in 2007 for a price of 1,280 yuan, though by 2009 the price had lowered to 443 yuan.[1]


The Vii uses an unspecified SunPlus 16-bit SPG2xx series processor with a custom instruction set.[2][1]

Game cartridges use NOR flash chips.[2]

Most of the chips on the motherboard are epoxied instead of packaged.[2]

Notable games[edit]

  • Happy Tennis
  • Catch Fish
  • Bowling
  • Alacrity Golf
  • Table Tennis
  • Smart Dart
  • Fry Egg
  • Bird Knight
  • Fever Move
  • Come On
  • Fantasy Baseball
  • Free Craps

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