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The Intellivision console with one controller extended.



Reunion of the Blue Sky Rangers in 2011, people who worked on Intellivision games.

The Intellivision is based on the General Instruments GIMINI 8900 platform.[1]

Test marketing for the Intellivision occurred in the area around Fresno, California in 1979.[2]


The Intellivision was released in 1980.[3]

An internal group of highly paid, hardworking, and secretive team of developers known as the Blue Sky Rangers worked on producing games for the Intellivision through at least 1982.[4]

The Intellivision and the Atari 2600 competed fiercely in the market, leading to the first major console war.[5]


The Intellivision lasted on the market until 1990.[3] The Intellivision sold over 3 million consoles.[6]

Mattel's next console was the HyperScan in 2006.



The Intellivision had a 16 bit (Though parts were 10 bit) General Instruments CP1610 CPU clocked at 894.886 KHz and 1352 bytes of RAM.[3][7]

The Intellivision output at a resolution of 160 by 196 pixels with 16 colors.[3]



The Intellivision had an online service called PlayCable that operated from 1980 to 1983 that allowed downloading games over a cable TV connection.[7]

Third Party Lockout[edit]

The Intellivision II was released in 1982, featuring a ROM that ineffectively tried to keep third parties who were not licensed from making games for the system.[8][9] This was among the first lockout methods used on a major console, and would refuse to boot unless a Mattel copyright screen was shown, though because this was implemented while the console had already been on the market, it caused incompatibility with some prior official games.[9]

Notable Games[edit]

125 games were released on the Intellivision.[3]


Mattel Intellivision[edit]

Sears Tele Games Super Video Arcade[edit]