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Watara Supervision

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The Watara Supervision launched in 1992 at a cost of $49.95.[1] Despite product placement on Nickelodeon shows, the system did not sell well.[2] Hartung also made a version of the Supervision.[3]



The Watara Supervision used a Western Design Center (WDC) 65C02 8 bit CPU clocked at four megahertz.[4][3]

The Watara Supervision has eight kilobytes of RAM.[5]


The screen of the Watara Supervision has a resolution of 160 by 160 pixels, a size of 61 by 61 millimeters and could display four shades of grey.[3] The screen of the Watara Supervision is described as low quality.[1] A display cable allowed the Watara Supervision to use a television instead.[6]

The Watara Supervision has a communications port.[3]

The system is powered by four AA batteries.[3]

Notable games[edit]

68 games were released for the Watara Supervision.[1]


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