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Tandy Video Information System

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The Tandy Video Information System was released in fall 1992, and was sold at Radio Shack at a cost of $699.[1][2] Among sales staff, the VIS had the nickname "Virtually Impossible to sell".[3][2]

The Tandy Video Information System was discontinued in spring of 1994 after a price cut to $399 ($45 below cost to manufacture[3]) didn't increase sales, and remaining units were liquidated.[2] The VIS lost Tandy between 50 and 75 million dollars.[4] About 11,000 systems were likely sold.[5]


The Tandy Video Information System uses an 16 bit Intel 80286 CPU clocked at 12.5 megahertz.[2][6] The system has 1 megabyte of RAM.[2]

Software was based on Modular Windows, a modified version of Windows 3.1.[2][4] Some software for Modular Windows did not run correctly on the VIS.[7]

Notable games[edit]

Over 60 titles were released for the VIS.[2]

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