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Capcom Power System Changer

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Capcom's headquarters in Chūō-ku, Osaka, Japan. Capcom moved their headquarters here in 1994,[1] around the time of the launch of the Capcom Power System Changer.

The Capcom Power System Changer was essentially an attempt by Capcom to mimic the success of the Neo Geo home console produced by SNK.[2]

The Capcom Power System Changer saw a limited release in 1994 in Japan, and was supported until 1995.[3]



Games for the Capcom Power System Changer were based on CPS1 arcade boards, which are essentially self contained in cartridges.[3][4]

The Capcom Power System Changer itself only includes a processor based on the Motorola 68000 clocked at 10 megahertz and a Sony CXA1645 chip to handle converting JAMMA arcade standards into home friendly IO.[3][4]


The system uses SNES compatible controllers.[3]


11 games were released for the Capcom Power System Changer.[3][5]


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