Hiking in the Canadian Rockies/Day Hikes/Kananaskis/Canmore/Chinaman's Peak

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Distance - 1.6km

Elevation Gain - 732m


The tralhead can be accessed by driving up the Smith-Dorrien--Spray Trail (Hwy. 742), Parking in whiteman's gap, at the Goat Creek parking lot.

The Hike[edit]

Cross the highway and walk up the road to the canal and across the brige. The trail starts behind the hut.

An enjoyable stroll turns into a steep climb following a watercourse, with some switchbacks nearing the treeline. as you emerge onto the scree be sure to note the location of the trail exit. You can make your way up the moutain directly, or hook right and follow the easier ridge. The Carin at the top is perched right on the edge, beware.