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God IS Spirit (John 4:24) .... and God IS Light - SPIRITUAL light. (1 John 1:5)

One of the first things He created was the PHYSICAL light in creation - He said, "Let there be light" Gen.1:3 Light can be measured - it is a vibration of energy - i.e. "light waves". Scientists say a star is so many 'light-years' away from us. Sound also can be measured - i.e. "sound waves" We can’t see them but we hear a sound. Heat (and other forms of energy) can also be measured . Physical matter also has vibrational energy. Light is at the top of the vibrational scale - physical matter at the lowest end of the spectrum in the vibrational scale of energy.

All physical matter (elements of iron, copper, zinc etc.) is made up of MOLECULES and within those molecules there is a mini type of solar system of ATOMS which rotate around a centre nucleus by means of an energy field. Each atom within it also has the same energy field of ELECTRONS and the electrons have within them NEUTRONS kept in motion by an energy force. Thus the smallest particle of matter is a mini universe which is kept in motion by its magnetic energy field. But scientists recognise that there is something beyond the energy which they can measure which causes it to function and they cannot identify that spark of life which sets it all in motion. This is the life-force of Yahweh God - His Spirit, which holds all the universe together.

When He created the worlds, He spoke them into being.through His Son. (Psalms 104:30: Psalm 33:9; Col.1:16) That is, the vibrations of energy in His ‘voice’ began the creative process. The Spirit of God in creation was the vibrations that went out with His Word (the Son) and did the work of creating that which came from the mind of the Father. Scripture says that He upholds all things by the WORD of His power. (Heb.1:3; Col.1:17) So all creation is held together and sustained by the energy that proceeded forth from Him - i.e. by His Breath

His Spirit is in everything - every atom has His life in it in this world and it is sustained and kept as it is because His Spirit maintains it. That is, that initial energy in the creative act remains in the atoms and molecules and keeps them in the same state and form in which He created them. So all of the creation is some form of vibrational energy held together by His Spirit (ruach) - the breath (ruach) that originally came out of His mouth.

"In Him we live and move and have our being" Acts 17:28 Everything in this world (all physical matter) is some form of God's Spirit (breath) - it is part of Him.

David said, “Where can I go from Your Spirit or where can I flee from Your Presence?" Psalm 139:7 “Do not I fill heaven and earth? says the Yahweh.” Jeremiah 23:24. He is everywhere and in everything - He is omnipresent!

There is nothing hidden from Him - everything is open and exposed before Him. Every sin we commit directly affects Him - it has an impact upon the physical creation. Every sin therefore affects the environment around us - 2 Chr.7:14; Romans 8:22 The land (earth, weather etc.) is healed when we repent and turn from our wicked ways.

That is why Yeshua said that the very rocks would cry out if people didn’t recognise who He was.

We are created in His image and we have creative power in our words also. We emit energy in our words which have power to create: "death and life are in the power of the tongue" Prov.18:21 (our words, the sound waves from us also have power to create - good or evil) We can create spiritual oppression upon those we speak negative things about. We should always bless and not curse.

The air we breathe, the ground we walk upon, the things which grow, are all impregnated by His life-force - His breath - His Spirit. In other words, the whole created world is a form of God, an extension of Himself, on a lower vibrational wave-length. Remember, He is supernatural Light, the highest form of Light. All physical matter is a breakdown of His energy, in varying degrees, on the vibrational wave-length scale.

Man likes to think he is in control of the physical universe with the power to subject it to himself and has no obligation to God. We stop creative activity on the Sabbath and come into rest in Him (in His creation) as an acknowledgement that He is the Creator. In effect, we cease our activity as ‘creators’. His Spirit can be sensed in creation in undisturbed areas - virgin bushland, forests etc.

Now, when He created Adam, He first formed his body of the elements of the earth - "the dust of the ground". So His Spirit was in all the cells and organs of the body He made for Adam. THEN, apart from that, and as well as that, "He breathed into his nostrils the breath of life, and man became a living being (soul)." Gen.2:7 In Hebrew, it is the "breath of liveS" - plural, lives. i.e. physical life and soulish life. He caused his body to live and gave him a soul/personality. In other words, God gave him physical life and gave him a soul (an individual personality)

So there we have three levels of God's Spirit in man.

1. In the actual cells of his body - the purely physical form of his body

2. In the life-force which caused him to become alive - i.e. to breathe

3. In the personality which He gave him.

But for all this, Adam was just a living SOUL - He was not spiritual, He did not have eternal life The holy Spirit was not breathed into Adam. **** TAKE NOTE HERE Trinitarians assume the holy Spirit was instrumental in creation - Not so! God’s Spirit at work in creation is not given the title “holy Spirit” The first mention of the holy Spirit is by David in Psalm 51:11

The "holy Spirit" is different from the creative life-force of God. The "holy Spirit" is HOLY. God's personal holiness is not in all physical matter and it was not in Adam.

The first time the Holy Spirit was breathed into man was in John 20:20-22. Up till that time Yeshua said that the holy Spirit had been WITH men, spoken to them and worked with them but not IN them. See John 14:17 The 'world' (those in the world - i.e. natural men, cannot receive the holy Spirit, Yeshua said) No man had received the holy Spirit within them before this, so it certainly wasn't the holy Spirit that was breathed into Adam. He was only created to be a natural man and at that time he had not received eternal life.

He had no spiritual communion with Yahweh. It was the Son (representing the Father) who came into the garden in a form that he could see and spoke with him audibly in the evening of each day.

God says He IS Spirit - and He wants us to worship Him in spirit and in truth John 4:24 That means we must worship Him in our spirit and fellowship with Him at a spiritual level. For this reason, the Father projected from His own Presence (His Person in heaven) as an emanation, or a manifestation of Himself which we know as the holy Spirit - it is a measure of His own self which He has projected toward us in spirit-form, so we may know Him as He is (a spirit), in our spirit.

His Son was manifested before His incarnation in a spiritual angelic type of 'body’ and later in human form, but the manifestation of the Father is in spirit form, because He is spirit. The holy Spirit is a manifestation of His own Being in a form in which He is able to project Himself into this physical creation so we may know Him. We should revere the holy Spirit and it is an unforgivable sin to blaspheme the Father's Presence and Person, yet the blasphemy against the Son can be forgiven (Luke 12:10).

It was only after creation that Yahweh began to manifest Himself to men in His spirit form, as the holy Spirit. The term "holy Spirit" (Ruach HaKodesh) is only used for His appearances to men - i.e. the cloudy pillar (cloud of His Presence: Exodus 13:21; Isaiah 63:9-10) is the first recorded instance, the Shekinah Glory in the temple; inspiring the prophets (1 Peter 1:21; 2 Peter 3:2) and lastly of course after Yeshua's resurrection.

There is no mention of the holy Spirit until He manifests Himself as the “Cloud of His Presence” to Israel in the exodus. Note that they were baptised in the “cloud” (1 Cor.10:2) and the supernatural quality of their experience in the wilderness. Their clothes did not wear out, nor was any feeble among them while ever they did not sin. They had a form of holy Spirit baptism (but not an Acts 2 internal immersion).

Yahweh is One, but in His immensity He is able to manifest in varying degrees in the physical creation and also through His holy Spirit to His creatures. There have been various manners in which He has moved by His holy Spirit and varying degrees in which He has given His holy Spirit to people. That depends primarily upon His purposes and also the degree of holiness a person or a people-group has attained in their life through their separation unto Him from the things of this world. He called Israel to be a holy people so that He could dwell among them.