Hebrew Roots/The original foundation

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The Foundation of Church doctrine are given in Hebrews 6:2

  1. The Principle of Sin
  2. Repentance from Dead Works
  3. Faith toward God
  4. The Grace of God
  5. Water Baptism
  6. Baptism in the Messianic Covenant
  7. Baptism in Yeshua
  8. Baptism in the Early Church
  9. Baptism in the Spirit
  10. Manifestations of the Spirit
  11. Gifts of the Spirit
  12. Hebraic Basis of Laying on Hands
  13. Function of Laying on Hands
  14. Resurrection of the Dead
  15. First Resurrection
  16. Second Resurrection
  17. Eternal Judgment
  18. The Penalties of Judgment
  19. The Rewards of Judgment
  20. Going on to Perfection