Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas/Characters

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Melvin 'Big Smoke' Harris[edit | edit source]

One of your homies from back in the day. A strange minded fellow who's down for his homies. Key factor in Los Santos' problems and OG Loc's manager, and he is a fat traitor! Voiced by Clifton Powell.

Catalina[edit | edit source]

CJ's girlfriend/Cesar's cousin in the countryside part of the game. She gives you the deed to a garage in San Fierro and then last rival alive. Voiced by Cynthia Farrell.

Cesar Vialpando[edit | edit source]

Kendl's boyfriend. Spanish southsider, rolling with the Aztecas. Likes fast cars. Voiced by Clifton Collins, Jr.

Jizzy B[edit | edit source]

A pimp in San Fierro involved in selling drugs. He rides around in pimp moble and pimps hoes. Voiced by Charles Q. Murphy (credited as Charlie Murphy.) Gets killed in San Fierro.

Kendl Johnson[edit | edit source]

CJ's sister. She's the smart one who's currently dating Cesar, she and Sweet are constantly fighting. Voiced by Yolanda Whittaker (credited as Yo Yo.)

Mike Toreno[edit | edit source]

An agent of an unknown agency. Uses CJ to complete his secret missions. Voiced by James Woods.

Madd Dogg[edit | edit source]

A rapper living in a mansion on the hills in Los Santos. After you make him go bankrupt, you later help him regain his power and wealth. Voiced by rapper Ice-T.

Lance 'Ryder' Wilson[edit | edit source]

Short tempered, violent, and an OG of the Grove Street families. Resembles Eazy-E from N.W.A.(Niggas Wit Attitude). Always in it for himself, he betrays his gang, and joins his longtime gang rivals, the Ballas, and then gets wasted by CJ. Voiced by MC Eiht.

Sean 'Sweet' Johnson[edit | edit source]

CJ's brother. Naive but powerful. Talks alot of shit, but don't do shit. Voiced by Faizon Love.CJ's big bro and is Leader of the Grove Street Families/Homies.

Officer Frank Tenpenny[edit | edit source]

An asshole and crooked Cop who frames you in the beginning and has gang bangers do his dirty work for him. Voiced by Samuel L. Jackson.

The Truth[edit | edit source]

A hippy pothead, who always talks about all sorts of conspiracies. Introduces you to San Fierro. Voiced by Peter Fonda.

Wu Zi Mu[edit | edit source]

Goes by the name "Woozie". A blind member of the Triads in San Fierro. He remains a steady friend for CJ throughout the course of the game after your first meeting in which you race him (despite the fact that he's blind). Voiced by James Yaegashi.