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I originally designed this WikiBook a few years ago, while in graduate school at Georgia Institute of Technology.

My intention was not at all to make an exhaustive textbook of any sort, but instead to make a quick mathematical reference and/or primer, with notation matching that of Misner/Thorne/Wheeler.

A few years ago, when I designed this WikiBook, things just did not fall into particular, there were a lot of issues with people posting in the book writing vague descriptions of things instead of using mathematics. At one point I just gave up....

For whatever reason, I would like to revive this WikiBook. I believe it still has potential.

If you do are interesting in working on this WikiBook, please contact me.


Various comments[edit]

I am thinking of a (hopefully temporary) major overhaul of the book. There are many sections on advanced topics which are not being touched. I propose temporarily deleting those so that we can finish the introductory topics first. I will keep a copy of anything I delete in the GR Main discussion page in case somebody is actually planning on writing these sections. Let me know what you think. -Lathem

Probably it is better if you move them into an appendix for now.

Roadrunner 21:41, 18 Jun 2004 (UTC)

Yeah, I'll do something like that when I decide how I want it. -Lathem

As a grad student working in LIGO, may I suggest some additions to the gravitational waves section? A little bit on the linearized theory, and into some detection methods. If OK by you, I may add to that section.

--Drauh 10:12, 23 Dec 2004 (UTC)

What would be nice is an short set of exercises for all the new set of ideas that are introduced as an option for a reader to get a grasp, personally i know that when i see things i do not quite grasp them by reading them and need a few exercises varying in difficulty before i appreciate what the things are done for, e.g., why and what is something used for and off the top of my head i cannot quite think of any specific situation.

--harryortho 18:51 22 Dec 2006

I am doing my research (Ph.D) on the paedagogy of general relativity with an emphasis on its more foundational aspects, which inevitably requires some history. I agree that this book needs a near complete overhaul...and am willing to help. --Brotherbobby

I plan to type some of my notes in here beginning with tensor algebra and then going over to tensor calculus prepared from the books by Inverno and Pathria as well as a text on mathematical physics popular for undergraduate courses in my country. I will be filling in more on the general theory as I read it. Brotherbobby

Linking to Modern Physics[edit]

I have linked this book from the Gravity entry in the Modern Physics textbook which was empty RobinH (talk) 17:33, 10 October 2010 (UTC) .