Flora of New York/TOC-Myrtales

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Order Family Subfamily Tribe Genera G T
Myrtales Onagraceae Ludwigioideae Ludwigia (primrose willow) 1 5
Onagroideae Circaeeae Circaea (enchanter's nightshade) 1 3
Epilobieae Chamerion (fireweed)
Epilobium (willow herb)
2 10
Onagreae Gaura (bee blossom)
Oenothera (evening primrose)
2 17
Lythraceae Lagerstroemioideae Trapa (water chestnut) 1 1
Punicoideae Cuphea (waxweed)
Rotala (toothcup)
2 2
Lythroideae Decodon (water willow)
Lythrum (loosestrife)
2 5
Melastomataceae Melastomatoideae Melastomateae Rhexia (meadow beauty) 1 2