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Getting started on this wiki - Technical tutorial[edit]

MediaWiki - is software that allows many commonly used online wikis to work. Different programs work in slightly different ways, learning how MediaWiki works will enable you to work on many different websites and is recognised as a format which will allow you to work in other formats with ease. Common MediaWiki sites include: Wikipedia, Wikiversity and WikiBooks. You will use Wikibooks for your assignment.


  • To get you familiar, comfortable and experimenting with the technical skills of a media wiki.

Register for account[edit]

  • Go to wikibooks.org and register for an account (top right of screen). You may choose to log-in with an existing log-in if you already have one). Wikibooks has a help section for setting up a user account

Notes on usernames[edit]

Video: Wikimedia foundation - Username

Think carefully about your username. There are both potential negatives and positives to using a username that can be linked to your person. Do you want (or not want) to be linked to the work you are doing? Particularly poor or offensive work may not help you in the future, but good work can help. You can’t change the username associated with work written in the past.

Email your name and username (once registration completed) to the unit convenor.

Edit your profile[edit]

Once completed click on your username (the link will be red - red denotes that there is no content behind that link). You are now in a space which relates to your username profile, it is here we will practice editing a MediaWiki before moving on to your fact sheet.

  • Click edit

Video: Wikimedia foundation - Edit

Here we have set a number of tasks to help you get used to working in the wiki.

Resources to get you started

  1. Introduce yourself - write a couple of sentences about yourself. Click save and view it.
  2. Click back on the edit button, and create the following section headings:
  1. Background
  2. Interests
  3. Wikibooks projects
  1. Save and make sure you have subheadings present.
  2. Click on edit and add information to each section. - add the Exercise in Disease site to your profile, you will add detail of your particular fact sheet once it has started
  3. In the top section, add an image of yourself.


Now have a look at the page you have created. Now click on “history”. Have a look at the different edit history. The wiki will save all your work so you can always go back to previous versions. This can come in handy if you make a major mistake or if there vandalism to your site.

Evidence Base[edit]

As with all evidence-based writing, you need to add sources/references to your claims. Have a quick look at the short video: Youtube - Wikimedia Foundation - Verifiability

In the work you have completed so far about yourself, find (or add something] that you can support with external evidence. Use the reference tool in the wiki to add the evidence. Save and check out the format. You may need to play around with the format until it makes some logical sense.

Other Resources[edit]

For some more advanced editing, check out see this wikipedia help section on editing media wikis (like this one)