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Welcome to the Euclid's Elements wiki-book, a public partnership of scholarly individuals with a resolute intent to construct and achieve a thorough, accurate, and complete analytic book about the historical disquisition Elements. We created the book in April 2014, and already have 0 pages. Our goal is to produce 50 pages, so let's all break out the sweat and get to writing. The Euclid's Elements wiki-book is a timeless project, meaning anyone may edit, expand, or add content to any extent to his or her personal will at any moment of time. Interested individuals in the project should direct themselves to the FAQ to inquire any interrogations about the Elements treatise itself, the structure of the project, or anything out of curiosity.

Anyone can copy, edit, or modify text supplied on the Euclid's Elements wiki-book without any cost, as granted and stated under the Wikibooks copyrights.

Please note that the wiki-book supplies information within the extremities of the Elements and Euclidean geometry.

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