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Esper', English, Esperanto.

Esper' English Esperanto #
a' adjective
a' type or kind
abl' increment
ac' balance
ad' ongoing
adj' inside
af' actual
ag' act
aj' conjunction
aj' substance
ak' derived from
al' reason
al' to al
al' toward al
am' temporal
am' time
amb' both ambaŭ
an' member
and' utility
and' valuable
ang' user
ank' also
ant' active present
ant' present active
antaw' ol' before
〔 "ant" -in_any_sense /+/ ol' 〕
antaŭ ol
ap' apparatus
aq' oh!
aq' oh, ouch
aq' ow
art' art
as' ace
as' general present
asm' assimilation
ast' present state
ast' stative present
at' happening
at' passive present
at' present passive
atc' bad
atc' no-good!
av' able present
av' capable
av' present able
aw' in any sense
aw' incisive
aw' or
awd' hear
ayn' any ajn
az' mechanism
ba' unclear
ba' unconvinced
ba' unconvincing
bald' soon baldaŭ
bis' again
bis' encore bis
bis' twice
blov' blow
bon' good
bon' goodness
bon' to be good
bon' well
ca' presence
ci' her ŝi
ci' her ŝin
ci' she ŝi
ci' them
ci' they
cow' show
ctel' steal
cud' should
cud' ad' should last adu
cud' an' should member anu
cud' anim' should encourage
〔 cud' /+/ "an" -idea 〕
cud' anonts' should announce
cud' antitsip' should expect
〔 cud' /+/ "antits" -structure 〕
cud' aplik' should apply
〔 cud' /+/ "apl" -reminiscent_of 〕
cud' apog' should support
〔 cud' /+/ "ap" -construct 〕
cud' aprob' should approve
cud' ar' should group
〔 cud' /+/ "a" -head 〕
cud' arandj' should arrange
cud' arandj' should prepare
cud' asert' should claim
cud' asign' should assign
cud' aspekt' should look
cud' atak' should attack
〔 cud' /+/ "at" -derived_from 〕
cud' atend' should wait
〔 cud' /+/ "at" -important 〕
cud' atent' should careful
〔 cud' /+/ "at" -natural_active 〕
cud' atest' should testify
〔 cud' /+/ "at" -natural_state 〕
cud' ating' should attain
〔 cud' /+/ "at" -holder 〕
cud' ating' should reach
cud' avert' should warn
cud' awd' should hear
cud' awskult' should listen aŭskultu
cud' awt' should drive
cud' babil' should chat
〔 cud' /+/ "bab" -tool 〕
cud' bak' should bake
cud' bala' should sweep
〔 cud' /+/ "bal" -type_or_kind 〕
cud' ban' should bathe
cud' bapt' should baptize
cud' bar' should bar
〔 cud' /+/ "ba" -head 〕
cud' bat' should strike
cud' batal' should fight
〔 cud' /+/ "bat" -reason 〕
cud' baz' should base
cud' ben' should bless
cud' bezon' should need
〔 cud' /+/ "bez" -part 〕
cud' blasfem' should curse
〔 cud' /+/ "blasf" -tendency 〕
cud' blok' should block
cud' blov' should blow
cud' bolig' should bring to the boil
〔 cud' /+/ "bol" -cause_to_become 〕
cud' bor' should drill
〔 cud' /+/ "bo" -head 〕
cud' boy' should bark
〔 cud' /+/ "bo" -familiar 〕
cud' bril' should shine
cud' bros' should brush
cud' brul' should burn
cud' burdjon' should bud
〔 cud' /+/ "burdj" -part 〕
cud' burdjon' should burgeon
cud' burdjon' should flourish
cud' butc' should butcher
cud' candj' should change
cud' cardj' should load
cud' cat' should like
cud' cel' should saddle
cud' clos' should shut
cud' cmir' should rub
〔 cud' /+/ "cmi" -head 〕
cud' cov' should introduce
cud' cpar' should save
〔 cud' /+/ "cpa" -head 〕
cud' cpruts' should arise
cud' ctel' should steal
cud' ctop' should cover
cud' dank' should thank
cud' dants' should dance
cud' deform' should deform
〔 cud' /+/ of- "form" 〕
cud' desegn' should draw
〔 cud' /+/ of- "segn" 〕
cud' dev' should necessitate
cud' difin' should define
〔 cud' /+/ "dif" -grammatical_feminine 〕
cud' dikt' should dictate
cud' dir' should say
〔 cud' /+/ "di" -head 〕
cud' direkt' should set
cud' ebl' should be possible
cud' estr' should head up
〔 cud' /+/ "est" -head 〕
cud' ey' should place
〔 cud' /+/ "e" -familiar 〕
cud' funebr' should mourn
〔 cud' /+/ "funeb" -head 〕
cud' i' should something
cud' id' should baby idu
cud' il' should tool ilu
cud' in' should be female inu
cud' ism' should indoctrinate ismu
cud' ist' should be a professional istu
cud' ji' should this
cud' kapabl' should be able
〔 cud' /+/ "kap" -increment 〕
cud' ki' should what
cud' konform' should match
cud' konstsi' should be aware
〔 cud' /+/ "konsts" -proform 〕
cud' korekt' should be correct
cud' leg' should read
cud' mank' should be missing
cud' ne' should deny
cud' nutr' should feed
〔 cud' /+/ "nut" -head 〕
cud' nutr' should nourish
cud' ombr' should overshadow
〔 cud' /+/ "omb" -head 〕
cud' operatsi' should operate
〔 cud' /+/ "operats" -proform 〕
cud' ordon' should command
〔 cud' /+/ "ord" -part 〕
cud' orient' should orient
〔 cud' /+/ "ori" -natural_active 〕
cud' ornam' should adorn
〔 cud' /+/ "orn" -time 〕
cud' pac' should step
cud' pact' should feed
cud' paf' should shoot
cud' pak' should pack
cud' palp' should handle
cud' panik' should be worried
〔 cud' /+/ "pan" -reminiscent_of 〕
cud' pardon' should forgive
〔 cud' /+/ "pard" -part 〕
cud' pas' should pass
cud' patsients' should have patience
cud' pawz' should take a rest
cud' pek' should sin
cud' pen' should try
cud' pens' should think
cud' pent' should repent
cud' perd' should lose
cud' pes' should weigh
cud' pet' should ask
cud' plan' should plan
cud' plan' should program
cud' plant' should plant
cud' platc' should please
cud' plats' should place
cud' plend' should complain
cud' plor' should weep
〔 cud' /+/ "plo" -head 〕
cud' pluv' should rain
cud' poct' should post
cud' pov' should be able
cud' predik' should preach
〔 cud' /+/ "pred" -reminiscent_of 〕
cud' predj' should pray
cud' prem' should press
cud' pren' should take
cud' pres' should print
cud' preskrib' should prescribe
cud' pretend' should intend
〔 cud' /+/ "pret" -important 〕
cud' prevent' should prevent
〔 cud' /+/ "prev" -natural_active 〕
cud' prezent' should present
〔 cud' /+/ "prez" -natural_active 〕
cud' prezid' should preside
〔 cud' /+/ "prez" -next_generation 〕
cud' prezid' should rule
cud' prizorg' should be careful
〔 cud' /+/ about- "zorg" 〕
cud' prizorg' should care prizorgu
cud' prononts' should pronounce
〔 cud' /+/ on_account_of- "nonts" 〕
cud' protekt' should protect
〔 cud' /+/ on_account_of- "tekt" 〕
cud' prov' should try
cud' prudent' should be prudent
〔 cud' /+/ "prud" -natural_active 〕
cud' puc' should push
cud' rapid' should hurry
〔 cud' /+/ "rap" -next_generation 〕
cud' raport' should inform
cud' raport' should report
cud' rayd' should ride
cud' rayt' should have the right to
cud' raz' should shave
cud' reag' should react
〔 cud' /+/ "re" -act 〕
cud' redj' should reign
cud' redon' should give back
〔 cud' /+/ "red" -part 〕
cud' redukt' should reduce
cud' reflekt' should reflect
cud' reform' should reform
cud' reg' should rule
cud' rekompents' should give recompense
cud' rekompents' should reward
cud' rekon' should recognize
〔 cud' /+/ "rek" -part 〕
cud' rem' should row
cud' renkont' should meet
〔 cud' /+/ "renk" -future_active 〕
cud' repag' should pay back
〔 cud' /+/ "rep" -act 〕
cud' reprodukt' should reproduce
cud' respekt' should respect
cud' respond' should reply
〔 cud' /+/ "resp" -promising 〕
cud' rest' should stay
cud' resum' should summarizes
〔 cud' /+/ "res" -derivation 〕
cud' reten' should detain
〔 cud' /+/ "ret" -goal 〕
cud' retsenz' should review
cud' return' should return
cud' reven' should come back
〔 cud' /+/ "rev" -goal 〕
cud' rezerv' should reserve
cud' rezign' should resign
cud' rezist' should resist
〔 cud' /+/ "rez" -established_state 〕
cud' ribel' should rebel
〔 cud' /+/ "rib" -method 〕
cud' rid' should laugh
cud' rifuz' should refuse
〔 cud' /+/ "rif" -change 〕
cud' rigard' should look
cud' rigard' should regard
cud' rikolt' should reap
cud' rimark' should note
cud' ripoz' should rest
〔 cud' /+/ "rip" -effect 〕
cud' risk' should risk
cud' romp' should break
cud' rondj' should bite
cud' sadj' should act with wisdom
cud' salt' should jump
cud' sav' should save
cud' sekv' should follow
cud' selekt' should select
cud' sem' should sow seeds
cud' send' should send
cud' sent' should feel
cud' sertc' should search
cud' serv' should serve
cud' sid' should sit
cud' skal' should scale
cud' skrib' should write
cud' skulpt' should sculpt
cud' skurdj' should whip
cud' sol' should solve
cud' solv' should solve
cud' son' should sound
cud' sondj' should dream
cud' sorb' should absorb
cud' spekt' should spectate
cud' spekt' should watch
cud' spetsif' should specify
〔 cud' /+/ "spets" -change_into 〕
cud' spir' should breathe
〔 cud' /+/ "spi" -head 〕
cud' star' should stand
〔 cud' /+/ "sta" -head 〕
cud' start' should start
cud' stel' should steal
cud' streb' should strive
cud' streb' should try
cud' stretc' should stretch
cud' stsi' should know
cud' stud' should study
cud' subskrib' should sign
〔 cud' /+/ beneath- "skrib" 〕
cud' subtrah' should subtract
〔 cud' /+/ beneath- "trah" 〕
cud' sufitc' should be enough
〔 cud' /+/ "suf" -grammatical_masculine 〕
cud' sufok' should suffocate
〔 cud' /+/ "suf" -false 〕
cud' suktses' should succeed
〔 cud' /+/ "sukts" -owner 〕
cud' supoz' should suppose
〔 cud' /+/ "sup" -effect 〕
cud' suspekt' should suspect
cud' sutc' should suck
cud' taks' should rate value
cud' tawg' should be appropriate
cud' tawg' should be suitable
cud' tayp' should type
cud' tcas' should hunt
cud' tcef' should lead
cud' tces' should cease
cud' ted' should annoy
cud' ted' should be tedious
cud' teg' should overlay
cud' teks' should weave
cud' tem' should be about
cud' ten' should have
cud' ten' should hold
cud' ten' should keep
cud' tendents' should store
cud' tent' should tempt
cud' ti' should that
cud' tim' should fear
cud' tir' should drag
〔 cud' /+/ "ti" -head 〕
cud' tond' should clip
cud' tond' should cut
cud' tord' should twist
cud' tost' should toast
cud' traf' should attain
cud' trakt' should address
cud' trakt' should deal with
cud' trantc' should cut
cud' trink' should drink
cud' triumf' should triumph
〔 cud' /+/ three- "umf" 〕
cud' tromp' should deceive
cud' trov' should find
cud' tsed' should concede
cud' tsed' should give in
cud' tsed' should yield
cud' tsel' should aim
cud' tsel' should intend
cud' tsentr' should center
〔 cud' /+/ "tsent" -head 〕
cud' tsert' should make certain
cud' tsirkul' should circulate
〔 cud' /+/ "tsirk" -person 〕
cud' tsit' should cite
cud' tsit' should quote
cud' tsit' should summon
cud' tuc' should touch
cud' turment' should torture
〔 cud' /+/ "turm" -natural_active 〕
cud' turn' should turn
cud' tus' should cough
cud' ul' should person ulu
cud' urdj' should make haste
cud' util' should serve
〔 cud' /+/ "ut" -tool 〕
cud' util' should utilize
cud' uz' should use
cud' vag' should roam
cud' vag' should wander
cud' varb' should recruit
cud' varb' should solicit
cud' vart' should babysit
cud' vart' should nurse
cud' vek' should wake
cud' ven' should come
cud' vend' should sell
cud' vendj' should avenge
cud' venk' should win
cud' verc' should spill
cud' verk' should write
cud' vers' should say one's line
cud' vers' should verse
cud' vest' should dress
cud' vest' should get dressed
cud' vet' should bet
cud' vibr' should vibrate
〔 cud' /+/ "vib" -head 〕
cud' vic' should delete
cud' vid' should see
cud' viv' should live
cud' vok' should call
cud' vol' should want
cud' volv' should roll
cud' volv' should tie
cud' volv' should wind up
cud' votcdon' should vote
〔 cud' /+/ "votcd" -part 〕
cud' yudj' should judge
cud' yung' should harness
cud' zi' should everything
cud' zon' should bind
cud' zon' should encircle
cud' zon' should gird
cud' zorg' should care
cud' zorg' should worry
da' acknowledgement of politeness
da' fair enough
da' fair portion
da' my pleasure
da' of da
da' quantity of
da' reciprocated gratitude
da' you’re welcome
dank' thank you
de' by de
de' from
de' of de
de' of the
dek' ten dek
dek' kil' ten thousand 10000
des' also
des' as well
des' coincides
des' consequently
des' than
des' that kind
des' that much
des' that one
dev' duty
dev' must
dev' need
dev' obligatory
dev' shall
dev' abon' must subscribe
〔 dev' /+/ "ab" -part 〕
dev' abstin' must abstain
〔 dev' /+/ "abst" -grammatical_feminine 〕
dev' anim' must encourage
〔 dev' /+/ "an" -idea 〕
dev' anonts' must announce
dev' antitsip' must expect
〔 dev' /+/ "antits" -structure 〕
dev' aplik' must apply
〔 dev' /+/ "apl" -reminiscent_of 〕
dev' apog' must support
〔 dev' /+/ "ap" -construct 〕
dev' aprob' must approve
dev' arandj' must arrange
dev' arandj' must prepare
dev' asert' must claim
dev' asign' must assign
dev' aspekt' must look
dev' atak' must attack
〔 dev' /+/ "at" -derived_from 〕
dev' atend' must wait
〔 dev' /+/ "at" -important 〕
dev' atent' must careful
〔 dev' /+/ "at" -natural_active 〕
dev' atest' must testify
〔 dev' /+/ "at" -natural_state 〕
dev' ating' must attain
〔 dev' /+/ "at" -holder 〕
dev' ating' must reach
dev' atrib' must attribute
dev' avert' must warn
dev' awd' must hear
dev' awskult' must listen aŭskultu
dev' awt' must drive
dev' babil' must chat
〔 dev' /+/ "bab" -tool 〕
dev' bak' must bake
dev' bala' must sweep
〔 dev' /+/ "bal" -type_or_kind 〕
dev' ban' must bathe
dev' bapt' must baptize
dev' bar' must bar
〔 dev' /+/ "ba" -head 〕
dev' bat' must strike
dev' batal' must fight
〔 dev' /+/ "bat" -reason 〕
dev' baz' must base
dev' ben' must bless
dev' bezon' must need
〔 dev' /+/ "bez" -part 〕
dev' blasfem' must curse
〔 dev' /+/ "blasf" -tendency 〕
dev' blok' must block
dev' blov' must blow
dev' bolig' must bring to the boil
〔 dev' /+/ "bol" -cause_to_become 〕
dev' bor' must drill
〔 dev' /+/ "bo" -head 〕
dev' boy' must bark
〔 dev' /+/ "bo" -familiar 〕
dev' bril' must shine
dev' bros' must brush
dev' bru' must make a noise
dev' brul' must burn
dev' burdjon' must bud
〔 dev' /+/ "burdj" -part 〕
dev' burdjon' must burgeon
dev' burdjon' must flourish
dev' butc' must butcher
dev' candj' must change
dev' cardj' must load
dev' cat' must like
dev' cel' must saddle
dev' clos' must shut
dev' cmir' must rub
〔 dev' /+/ "cmi" -head 〕
dev' cov' must introduce
dev' cpar' must save
〔 dev' /+/ "cpa" -head 〕
dev' cpruts' must arise
dev' ctel' must steal
dev' ctop' must cover
dev' dank' must thank
dev' dants' must dance
dev' deform' must deform
〔 dev' /+/ of- "form" 〕
dev' desegn' must draw
〔 dev' /+/ of- "segn" 〕
dev' detr' must destroy
〔 dev' /+/ "det" -head 〕
dev' dev' must necessitate
dev' difin' must define
〔 dev' /+/ "dif" -grammatical_feminine 〕
dev' dikt' must dictate
dev' dir' must say
〔 dev' /+/ "di" -head 〕
dev' direkt' must set
dev' ebl' must be possible
dev' funebr' must mourn
〔 dev' /+/ "funeb" -head 〕
dev' kapabl' must be able
〔 dev' /+/ "kap" -increment 〕
dev' konform' must match
dev' konstsi' must be aware
〔 dev' /+/ "konsts" -proform 〕
dev' korekt' must be correct
dev' leg' must read
dev' mank' must be missing
dev' ne' must deny
dev' nutr' must feed
〔 dev' /+/ "nut" -head 〕
dev' nutr' must nourish
dev' ombr' must overshadow
〔 dev' /+/ "omb" -head 〕
dev' operatsi' must operate
〔 dev' /+/ "operats" -proform 〕
dev' ordon' must command
〔 dev' /+/ "ord" -part 〕
dev' orient' must orient
〔 dev' /+/ "ori" -natural_active 〕
dev' ornam' must adorn
〔 dev' /+/ "orn" -time 〕
dev' pac' must step
dev' pact' must feed
dev' paf' must shoot
dev' pak' must pack
dev' palp' must handle
dev' panik' must be worried
〔 dev' /+/ "pan" -reminiscent_of 〕
dev' pardon' must forgive
〔 dev' /+/ "pard" -part 〕
dev' pas' must pass
dev' patsients' must have patience
dev' pawz' must take a rest
dev' pek' must sin
dev' pen' must try
dev' pens' must think
dev' pent' must repent
dev' perd' must lose
dev' pes' must weigh
dev' pet' must ask
dev' plan' must plan
dev' plan' must program
dev' plant' must plant
dev' platc' must please
dev' plats' must place
dev' plend' must complain
dev' plor' must weep
〔 dev' /+/ "plo" -head 〕
dev' pluv' must rain
dev' poct' must post
dev' pov' must be able
dev' predik' must preach
〔 dev' /+/ "pred" -reminiscent_of 〕
dev' predj' must pray
dev' prem' must press
dev' pren' must take
dev' pres' must print
dev' preskrib' must prescribe
dev' pretend' must intend
〔 dev' /+/ "pret" -important 〕
dev' prevent' must prevent
〔 dev' /+/ "prev" -natural_active 〕
dev' prezent' must present
〔 dev' /+/ "prez" -natural_active 〕
dev' prezid' must preside
〔 dev' /+/ "prez" -next_generation 〕
dev' prezid' must rule
dev' prizorg' must be careful
〔 dev' /+/ about- "zorg" 〕
dev' prizorg' must care prizorgu
dev' prononts' must pronounce
〔 dev' /+/ on_account_of- "nonts" 〕
dev' protekt' must protect
〔 dev' /+/ on_account_of- "tekt" 〕
dev' prov' must try
dev' prudent' must be prudent
〔 dev' /+/ "prud" -natural_active 〕
dev' puc' must push
dev' rapid' must hurry
〔 dev' /+/ "rap" -next_generation 〕
dev' raport' must inform
dev' raport' must report
dev' rayd' must ride
dev' rayt' must have the right to
dev' raz' must shave
dev' reag' must react
〔 dev' /+/ "re" -act 〕
dev' redj' must reign
dev' redon' must give back
〔 dev' /+/ "red" -part 〕
dev' redukt' must reduce
dev' reflekt' must reflect
dev' reform' must reform
dev' reg' must rule
dev' rekompents' must give recompense
dev' rekompents' must reward
dev' rekon' must recognize
〔 dev' /+/ "rek" -part 〕
dev' rem' must row
dev' renkont' must meet
〔 dev' /+/ "renk" -future_active 〕
dev' repag' must pay back
〔 dev' /+/ "rep" -act 〕
dev' reprodukt' must reproduce
dev' respekt' must respect
dev' respond' must reply
〔 dev' /+/ "resp" -promising 〕
dev' rest' must stay
dev' resum' must summarizes
〔 dev' /+/ "res" -derivation 〕
dev' reten' must detain
〔 dev' /+/ "ret" -goal 〕
dev' retsenz' must review
dev' return' must return
dev' reven' must come back
〔 dev' /+/ "rev" -goal 〕
dev' rezerv' must reserve
dev' rezign' must resign
dev' rezist' must resist
〔 dev' /+/ "rez" -established_state 〕
dev' ribel' must rebel
〔 dev' /+/ "rib" -method 〕
dev' rid' must laugh
dev' rifuz' must refuse
〔 dev' /+/ "rif" -change 〕
dev' rigard' must look
dev' rigard' must regard
dev' rikolt' must reap
dev' rimark' must note
dev' ripoz' must rest
〔 dev' /+/ "rip" -effect 〕
dev' risk' must risk
dev' romp' must break
dev' rondj' must bite
dev' sadj' must act with wisdom
dev' salt' must jump
dev' sav' must save
dev' sekv' must follow
dev' selekt' must select
dev' sem' must sow seeds
dev' send' must send
dev' sent' must feel
dev' sertc' must search
dev' sertc' must search
dev' serv' must serve
dev' sid' must sit
dev' skal' must scale
dev' skrib' must write
dev' skulpt' must sculpt
dev' skurdj' must whip
dev' sol' must solve
dev' solv' must solve
dev' son' must sound
dev' sondj' must dream
dev' sorb' must absorb
dev' spekt' must spectate
dev' spekt' must watch
dev' spetsif' must specify
〔 dev' /+/ "spets" -change_into 〕
dev' spir' must breathe
〔 dev' /+/ "spi" -head 〕
dev' star' must stand
〔 dev' /+/ "sta" -head 〕
dev' start' must start
dev' stel' must steal
dev' streb' must strive
dev' streb' must try
dev' stretc' must stretch
dev' stsi' must know
dev' stud' must study
dev' subskrib' must sign
〔 dev' /+/ beneath- "skrib" 〕
dev' subtrah' must subtract
〔 dev' /+/ beneath- "trah" 〕
dev' sufitc' must be enough
〔 dev' /+/ "suf" -grammatical_masculine 〕
dev' sufok' must suffocate
〔 dev' /+/ "suf" -false 〕
dev' suktses' must succeed
〔 dev' /+/ "sukts" -owner 〕
dev' supoz' must suppose
〔 dev' /+/ "sup" -effect 〕
dev' suspekt' must suspect
dev' sutc' must suck
dev' taks' must rate value
dev' tawg' must be appropriate
dev' tawg' must be suitable
dev' tayp' must type
dev' tcas' must hunt
dev' tcef' must lead
dev' tces' must cease
dev' ted' must annoy
dev' ted' must be tedious
dev' teg' must overlay
dev' teks' must weave
dev' tem' must be about
dev' ten' must have
dev' ten' must hold
dev' ten' must keep
dev' tendents' must store
dev' tent' must tempt
dev' tim' must fear
dev' tir' must drag
〔 dev' /+/ "ti" -head 〕
dev' tond' must clip
dev' tond' must cut
dev' tord' must twist
dev' tost' must toast
dev' traf' must attain
dev' trakt' must address
dev' trakt' must deal with
dev' trantc' must cut
dev' trink' must drink
dev' triumf' must triumph
〔 dev' /+/ three- "umf" 〕
dev' tromp' must deceive
dev' trov' must find
dev' tsed' must concede
dev' tsed' must give in
dev' tsed' must yield
dev' tsel' must aim
dev' tsel' must intend
dev' tsentr' must center
〔 dev' /+/ "tsent" -head 〕
dev' tsert' must make certain
dev' tsirkul' must circulate
〔 dev' /+/ "tsirk" -person 〕
dev' tsit' must cite
dev' tsit' must quote
dev' tsit' must summon
dev' tuc' must touch
dev' turment' must torture
〔 dev' /+/ "turm" -natural_active 〕
dev' turn' must turn
dev' tus' must cough
dev' urdj' must make haste
dev' util' must serve
〔 dev' /+/ "ut" -tool 〕
dev' util' must utilize
dev' uz' must use
dev' vag' must roam
dev' vag' must wander
dev' varb' must recruit
dev' varb' must solicit
dev' vart' must babysit
dev' vart' must nurse
dev' vek' must wake
dev' ven' must come
dev' vend' must sell
dev' vendj' must avenge
dev' venk' must win
dev' verc' must spill
dev' verk' must write
dev' vers' must say one's line
dev' vers' must verse
dev' vest' must dress
dev' vest' must get dressed
dev' vet' must bet
dev' vibr' must vibrate
〔 dev' /+/ "vib" -head 〕
dev' vic' must delete
dev' vid' must see
dev' viv' must live
dev' vok' must call
dev' vol' must want
dev' volv' must roll
dev' volv' must tie
dev' volv' must wind up
dev' votcdon' must vote
〔 dev' /+/ "votcd" -part 〕
dev' yudj' must judge
dev' yung' must harness
dev' zon' must bind
dev' zon' must encircle
dev' zon' must gird
dev' zorg' must care
dev' zorg' must worry
di' deities
di' deity dio
di' divine
di' divinity dio
di' ethernal one eternulo
di' god dio
di' immortal eternulo
di' the divinity
dis' scatter
dis' scattered
dis' separate
dis' separately
dis' separation
dis' smattering
dis' to scatter
dji' it ĝi
dji' it ĝi
dji' it ĝin
dji' it ĝi
dji' them
dji' they
djis' until ĝis
djsi' itself si
dju' enjoy
dju' enjoyment
dju' joy
do' so
do' then
do' therefore
do' therefore, then, so do
do' thus
dol' intend
dol' intended
dol' intending
dol' intention
dol' intentionally
don' gift
don' give
don' given
don' giving
don' to give
dorm' asleep
dorm' sleep
dorm' while sleeping
du' two du
dum' during dum
dum' while dum
e' adverb
e' location
ebl' possibility
ec' origin
ed' repetition
edj' edge
edj' fringe
edj' on the fringe
ef' natural
ef' nature
eg' extreme
ej' assurance
ej' inclusive conjunction
ek' begin
ek' commencement
ek' start
ek' starting
eks' outside
ekt' decide out of
el' from el
el' method
el' out of el
el' style
em' propensity
em' tendency
en' goal
en' in en
en' inside of
en' into en
en' toward
end' compulsion
end' definite
end' definitive
end' important
eng' supporter
ent' active
ent' natural active
ep' demonstrate
ep' demonstration
es' owner
es' possessive
esm' blend
est' am
est' are
est' be estas
est' be esti
est' being
est' is
est' natural state
est' stative
est' there be esti
est' to be
et' diminutive
et' natural passive
et' passive
et' tiny
et' token
etc' even
etc' including
etc' unexpected
etc' ne' not even eĉ ne
ets' nominal abstraction
ev' ability
ev' able
ev' natural able
ev' powerful
ew' in every sense
ews' singular possessive
eys' plural possessive
ez' device
fa' unseen
fal' fall
femknab' girl knabo
femmonaq' nun monaĥo
femprints' princess princo
ferm' shut
fi' shame fi
fi' shame on you, how shameful
fi' the shame
fiks' attack
fiks' fix
fiks' fixed
fiks' set
fiks' setting
fiks' unchanging
flank' aside
flug' fly
flus' flood
font' source
frap' hit
ga' communicate
ga' communication
ga' go ahead
ga' i've finished what i was saying, have a turn at it please
ga' permission granted
ga' permitted
ga' speek
ga' spoken
ga' you have my word
ge' varied
ge' variety
get' akir
get' get
gi' he
gi' her
gi' him
gi' it
gi' me
gi' she
gi' them
gi' they
gi' us
gi' we
gi' you
gig' billion miliardo
gig' milliard miliardo
gra' canceled
graw' failing because of
gvid' guide
ha' acknowledged
ha' acknowledgement
ha' ah
ha' aha
ha' noticed
ha' seen
ha' so that's it
ha' understood
hab' possession
hav' have havi
haw' greetings saluto
haw' hello saluto
haw' salute saluto
he' attention
he' eh
he' hey
heb' embodyment
hek' hundred
hi' he li
hi' him
hi' them
hi' they
hib' share
hin' back
ho' attention
ho' oh ho
ho' really, so that's how it is
ho' shocked
ho' shocking
hob' need
hod' around now
hod' for today
hod' today
hom' human
hu' boo
hu' boo! hu
hu' gotcha, attention, hey
hub' center
hum' benevolence
hum' benevolent
hum' compasion
hum' compasionate
hum' humane
hum' kind
hum' kindly
hum' kindness
hum' to be kind
hum' to show compasion
i' a few
i' a sampling
i' infinitive
i' one of
i' proform
i' some i
i' some kind
i' somebody
i' someone
i' something
i' whichever
ibl' fraction
ic' approximative
ic' resembling
id' next generation
id' offspring
idj' become
idj' becoming anew
if' change into
ig' cause to become
ig' make into
ij' preconjunction
ij' spirit
ij' spiritual
ij' spiritually
ik' reminder
ik' reminiscent of
il' instrument
il' power of
il' tool
im' concept
im' idea
in' feminine
in' grammatical feminine
in' not on the outside
ind' deserving
ind' request
ind' worth
ind' worthy
ing' holder
int' active past
int' past active
ip' structural
ip' structurally
ip' structure
ip' to structure
is' associate
is' general past
is' past
ism' belief
ist' established state
ist' past state
ist' stative past
ist' was
it' done
it' passive past
it' past passive
itc' grammatical masculine
itc' masculine
iv' able past
iv' established able
iv' knowledgable
iz' cause
iz' caused
iz' causing
ja' agreeable
ja' agreed
ja' agreement
jet' throw
ji' the near
ji' these
ji' this tiu
ji' this ĉi tio
jus' barely recently
jus' just barely
jus' just now
ka' please
ka' request
kac' hide
kant' sing
kapt' catch
ke' that ke
ke' that which
kelk' a few kelka
kelk' a few kelkaj
kelk' a few kelko
kelk' a few kelkoj
kelk' ones kelkaj
kelk' ones kelkoj
ki' what
ki' whats
ki'ul' whom kiu
kil' thousand
klud' amongst
komiks' comic komikso
kon' knowing
kon' knowingly
kon' knowledge
kon' known
kon' to know
kost' cost
kresk' grow
krom' besides krom
krom' se' unless krom se
kud' could
kud' ad' could continue
kud' adj' could get old
kud' admon' could require
〔 kud' /+/ "adm" -part 〕
kud' ag' could act
kud' agord' could tune
kud' akord' could agree
kud' anti' could oppose
〔 kud' /+/ "ant" -proform 〕
kud' aspekt' could look
kud' atc' could be bad
kud' atc' could do wrong
kud' atent' could care
〔 kud' /+/ "at" -natural_active 〕
kud' baz' could base
kud' blek' could cackle
kud' bombard' could bombard
kud' bon' could be good
kud' bor' could drill
〔 kud' /+/ "bo" -head 〕
kud' cov' could put
kud' ctop' could cover
kud' dev' could be obliged
kud' dev' could have to
kud' dev' could need to
kud' divid' could share
〔 kud' /+/ "div" -next_generation 〕
kud' djoy' could rejoice
〔 kud' /+/ "djo" -familiar 〕
kud' edif' could build up
〔 kud' /+/ "ed" -change_into 〕
kud' ek' could start
kud' elekt' could choose
〔 kud' /+/ out_of- "ekt" 〕
kud' em' could tend toward
kud' en' could enter
kud' en' could go in
kud' estim' could appreciate
〔 kud' /+/ "est" -idea 〕
kud' garn' could adorn
kud' grumbl' could growl
kud' gust' could taste
kud' i' could something
kud' idj' could become
kud' ig' could cause to become
kud' ji' could do this
kud' ki' could do what
kud' ki' could which
kud' lum' could light
kud' ne' could deny
kud' ne' could say no
kud' prezid' could rule
〔 kud' /+/ "prez" -next_generation 〕
kud' pruv' could show
kud' re' could do again
kud' re' could go back
kud' sadj' could be wise
kud' sekts' could intersect
kud' skal' could scale
kud' strek' could draw
kud' tces' could stop
kud' tem' could be about
kud' ti' could do that
kud' ti' could that
kud' trem' could shake
kud' util' could utilize
〔 kud' /+/ "ut" -tool 〕
kud' vart' could nurse
kud' vers' could pour
kud' vers' could verse
kud' votc' could voice
kud' vund' could hurt
kud' zon' could bind
kud' zon' could encircle
kun' with kun
kvank' although
kvank' notwithstanding
kvaz' quasi
kvaz' virtual
kvaz' virtually
kvin' five
la' the la
las' let
law' according to laŭ
law' along laŭ
leg' interpretation
leg' read
leg' reading
lev' lift
lev' raise
lev' rise
li' he li
li' he she
li' her
li' him lin
li' she ŝi
li' them
li' they
li' third person
lift' lift
lo' there
lum' light
ma' caregiver
ma' caregiver
ma' nurture
ma' nurturer
mac' mesh
mal' opposite of
mal' oppositely
mandj' eat
mank' absent
mec' mesh
meg' million miliono
mem' herself
mem' himself
mem' itself
mem' self mem
met' put
mi' first person
mi' me min
mi' me min
mi' us
mi' we
minz' myself mi
mis' erroneous
mis' error
mis' incorrect
mis' incorrectly
mis' wrong
monaq' monk monaĥo
mord' bite
mord' biting
mord' bitten
morg' tomorrow morgaŭ
mult'ow da' much
〔 "mult" -singular substantive /+/ da' 〕
multe da
mult'oy da' many
〔 "mult" -plural substantive /+/ da' 〕
multe da
na' objective
nadj' swim
nag' is not
naw' nine naŭ
ne' no ne
ne' no, not
ne' non ne
ne' not ne
neg' negate
neg' negative
neg' negatively
nek' and also not
nek' neither
nek' nor nek
nen' none
ni' us ni
ni' we ni
nig' was not
ninz' ourselves ni
nog' won't be
nu' considering
nu' good
nu' well nu
nug' wouldn't be
nul' emptiness
nul' empty
nul' null
nul' void
nul' zero
nun' now nun
nun' amben' now going both places
〔 nun' /+/ "amb" -goal 〕
nun' antimulten' now going few places or noplace
〔 nun' /+/ "antimult" -goal 〕
nun' cien' now going her way
〔 nun' /+/ "ci" -goal 〕
nun' dien' now going god's way
〔 nun' /+/ "di" -goal 〕
nun' dien' now going to a divine place
nun' dien' now going to a glorious place
nun' djien' now going its way
〔 nun' /+/ "dji" -goal 〕
nun' hien' now going his way
〔 nun' /+/ "hi" -goal 〕
nun' i' now is doing something
nun' ji' now is doing this
nun' kelken' now going a number of places
〔 nun' /+/ "kelk" -goal 〕
nun' ki' now is doing what
nun' memen' now going one's own way
〔 nun' /+/ "mem" -goal 〕
nun' memen' now going self way
nun' multen' now going many places
〔 nun' /+/ "mult" -goal 〕
nun' ti' now is doing that
nun' zi' now is doing everything
o' a
o' a
o' an
o' item or substance
o' some i
o' substantive
obl' mutiple
oc' becoming
oc' perfecting
oc' precisely
oc' precisive
od' parent
od' previous generation
odj' approaching
of' change from
og' construct
oj' effort
oj' postconjunction
ok' eight ok
ok' false
ol' comparative
ol' comparatively
ol' compared to
ol' in comparison to
ol' than ol
om' a quantity of iom
om' degree
om' quantitative
om' quantity
om' some iom
om' some kelka
om' to measure up
on' a
on' an
on' fraction
on' one unu
on' part
ond' offering
ond' promise
ond' promising
ong' extracting
ong' extractor
ont' active future
ont' future action
ont' future active
ont' future activity
ont' will be doing
op' group
op' grouped
op' in a group
op' in groups
ord' order
os' apprentice
os' future
os' general future
osm' interest
ost' anticipated state
ost' future state
ost' stative future
ost' will be
ot' future passive
ot' passive future
ot' upcoming
otc' completion
ov' able future
ov' anticipated able
ov' ready
oz' effect
pa' provide
pa' provider
pa' the provider
paf' shoot
pag' pay
pen' effort
pen' exert
pen' exertion
pend' hang
pens' think
perd' lose
pest' plague pest'
pet' quadrillion
peyn' hurt
peyn' pain
pi' fidelity
pi' piety
pi' the pious
pi' the servant
pik' prick
pik' sting
pla' complementary pla
plen' fullness pleno
pli' additional
pli' more pli
pli' da' more pli da
pli' ka' more please
plo' enough
plu' additional
plu' anymore
plu' decidedly more
plu' furthermore plu
plus' plus plus
po' assist
po' at a rate of
po' at the rate of po
po' grouped by
po' in sync
po' paced
po' rate
por' ke' so that
〔 "po" -head /+/ ke' 〕
por ke
port' carry
post' after post
pov' ability povo
pov' able pova
pov' am able
pov' are able
pov' be able
pov' can
pov' is able
pov' one which is able povo
pra' ancestral
pra' proto pra
pre' before
pre' in advance of
pre' in front of
pren' take
presk' almost preskaŭ
presk' almost
pri' about pri
pri' concerning
pri' the subject
pro' because of
pro' on account of pro
proks' approximate
proks' approximately
proks' closeness
proks' near
proks' nearly
proks' proximity
pruv' prove
puc' push
ra' celebrate
ra' celebrated
ra' celebrating
ra' celebration
ra' celebrative
ra' congratulations
rayd' ride
re' next period in a cycle
re' recital
re' rehearsal
re' repetition
renk' acquaint
rest' remain
rest' remainder
romp' break
romp' breaking
romp' broken
ron' around
sa' information
sa' informative
sa' informed
sa' informing
sab' know well
sam' same
se' if se
sed' but sed
sen' without sen
send' send
sent' feel
sent' feeling
sep' seven sep
sertc' search
ses' six
si' herself
si' himself si
si' itself si
si' reflexive
si' self
si' the reflection
si' the self
si' theirself si
si' themself sin
sid' sit
sinz' herself si
sinz' himself si
sinz' oneself si
sinz' themselves si
skrib' write
son' sound
son' sounded
son' sounding
son' to sound
spez' exchange money
sted' instead of
stsi' know
sub' beneath
sub' under sub
sup' above
sving' swing
ta' appreciate
ta' appreciated
ta' appreciation
ta' appreciative
ta' thank you
ta' thanks
ta' thanks!
tcaw' bye ĉaŭ
tcaw' so long
tcaw' take care
tce' at ĉe
tce' at ĉi
tcirk' around
tcirk' in close proximity
tcirk' nearby ĉirkaŭ
tcirk' nearly ĉirkaŭ
tcu' is it true ĉu
tcu' or ĉu
tcu' whether ĉu
tcu' yes ĉu
ten' hold
ten' holding
ti' that
ti' those
tint' ring tint'i
tra' across
tra' through tra
trans' across trans
trantc' cut
trantc' slash
tre' a lot tre
tre' awfully tre
tre' dearly tre
tre' greatly tre
tre' highly tre
tre' hugely tre
tre' much tre
tre' quite tre
tre' very tre
tre' very much tre
trem' quake
trem' tremble
trem' tremor
tren' drag
tri' three tri 3
trink' drink
tro' excessive
tro' excessively
tro' too tro
tro' too much tro
trov' find
tsi' thou
tut'e ne' absolutely not
〔 "tut" -adverb /+/ ne' 〕
tute ne
twi' immediately tuj
twi' the immediate tuj
u' decisive
u' suggestive
ubl' decrement
uc' descriptive
uc' independent
ud' key
udj' outside
uf' potential
ug' function
uj' consideration
uj' exclusive conjunction
uk' product of
ul' entity
ul' person
um' abstraction
um' derivation
un' solidarity
und' effort
und' potential
ung' stabalizer
unt' active conditional
unt' conditional active
up' kit
us' general conditional
us' newbie
ust' potential state
ust' stative conditional
ut' conditional passive
ut' likely
ut' passive conditional
utc' uncountable
uv' able conditional
uv' conditional able
uv' prepered
uz' change
uz' use
va' motion
va' moving
ve' alas
ve' such sorrow i feel, whoa, how disturbing
ve' woe
vek' wake
ven' come
ven' coming
vend' sell
vet' bet
vet' stake
vet' wager
vi' second person
vi' you vi
vi' yourselves vi
vid' see
vinz' yourself vi
vinz' yourselves vi
vol' desire
vol' to want
vol' want
vol' wanting
vort' word
wa' amazed
wa' amazing
wa' at both ends
wa' intransative nexus
wa' nexus
we' intraposition
web' web
wi' preposition
wil' will
wil' ad' will continue
wil' adj' will get old
wil' admon' will require
〔 wil' /+/ "adm" -part 〕
wil' ag' will act
wil' agord' will tune
wil' akord' will agree
wil' anti' will oppose
〔 wil' /+/ "ant" -proform 〕
wil' aspekt' will look
wil' atc' will be bad
wil' atc' will do wrong
wil' atent' will care
〔 wil' /+/ "at" -natural_active 〕
wil' baz' will base
wil' blek' will cackle
wil' bombard' will bombard
wil' bon' will be good
wil' bor' will drill
〔 wil' /+/ "bo" -head 〕
wil' cov' will put
wil' ctop' will cover
wil' dev' will be obliged
wil' dev' will have to
wil' dev' will need to
wil' divid' will share
〔 wil' /+/ "div" -next_generation 〕
wil' djoy' will rejoice
〔 wil' /+/ "djo" -familiar 〕
wil' edif' will build up
〔 wil' /+/ "ed" -change_into 〕
wil' ek' will start
wil' elekt' will choose
〔 wil' /+/ out_of- "ekt" 〕
wil' em' will tend toward
wil' en' will enter
wil' en' will go in
wil' estim' will appreciate
〔 wil' /+/ "est" -idea 〕
wil' garn' will adorn
wil' grumbl' will growl
wil' gust' will taste
wil' i' will something
wil' idj' will become
wil' ig' will cause to become
wil' ji' will do this
wil' ki' will do what
wil' ki' will which
wil' lum' will light
wil' ne' will deny
wil' ne' will say no
wil' prezid' will rule
〔 wil' /+/ "prez" -next_generation 〕
wil' pruv' will show
wil' re' will do again
wil' re' will go back
wil' sadj' will be wise
wil' sekts' will intersect
wil' skal' will scale
wil' strek' will draw
wil' tces' will stop
wil' tem' will be about
wil' ti' will do that
wil' ti' will that
wil' trem' will shake
wil' util' will utilize
〔 wil' /+/ "ut" -tool 〕
wil' vart' will nurse
wil' vers' will pour
wil' vers' will verse
wil' votc' will voice
wil' vund' will hurt
wil' zon' will bind
wil' zon' will encircle
wo' postposition
wu' circumposition
wud' would
wud' ad' would continue
wud' adj' would get old
wud' admon' would require
〔 wud' /+/ "adm" -part 〕
wud' ag' would act
wud' agord' would tune
wud' akord' would agree
wud' anti' would oppose
〔 wud' /+/ "ant" -proform 〕
wud' aspekt' would look
wud' atc' would be bad
wud' atc' would do wrong
wud' atent' would care
〔 wud' /+/ "at" -natural_active 〕
wud' baz' would base
wud' blek' would cackle
wud' bombard' would bombard
wud' bon' would be good
wud' bor' would drill
〔 wud' /+/ "bo" -head 〕
wud' cov' would put
wud' ctop' would cover
wud' dev' would be obliged
wud' dev' would have to
wud' dev' would need to
wud' divid' would share
〔 wud' /+/ "div" -next_generation 〕
wud' djoy' would rejoice
〔 wud' /+/ "djo" -familiar 〕
wud' edif' would build up
〔 wud' /+/ "ed" -change_into 〕
wud' ek' would start
wud' elekt' would choose
〔 wud' /+/ out_of- "ekt" 〕
wud' em' would tend toward
wud' en' would enter
wud' en' would go in
wud' estim' would appreciate
〔 wud' /+/ "est" -idea 〕
wud' garn' would adorn
wud' grumbl' would growl
wud' gust' would taste
wud' i' would something
wud' idj' would become
wud' ig' would cause to become
wud' ji' would do this
wud' ki' would do what
wud' ki' would which
wud' lum' would light
wud' ne' would deny
wud' ne' would say no
wud' prezid' would rule
〔 wud' /+/ "prez" -next_generation 〕
wud' pruv' would show
wud' re' would do again
wud' re' would go back
wud' sadj' would be wise
wud' sekts' would intersect
wud' skal' would scale
wud' strek' would draw
wud' tces' would stop
wud' tem' would be about
wud' ti' would do that
wud' ti' would that
wud' trem' would shake
wud' util' would utilize
〔 wud' /+/ "ut" -tool 〕
wud' vart' would nurse
wud' vers' would pour
wud' vers' would verse
wud' votc' would voice
wud' vund' would hurt
wud' zon' would bind
wud' zon' would encircle
xa' interested
xa' interesting
xi' the universe
ya' certainty
ya' indeed ja
ya' truly is
yam' already jam
yam' i' already did something
yam' i' already was doing something
yam' ji' already did this
yam' ji' already was doing this
yam' ki' already questioned
yam' ki' already was questioning
yam' ti' already did that
yam' ti' already was doing that
yam' zi' already did everything
yam' zi' already was doing everything
yand' beyond
yat' septillion
ye' affirmatively
ye' at je
ye' by je
ye' directed at
ye' done to
ye' in je
ye' non-subject
yen' behold
yen' here is, here are, etc jen
yen' look
yen' there it is
yes' yes jes
yi' truly was
yo' truly will be
yu' given that
yu' how much
yu' if
yu' in association with
yu' in the case of
yu' in the event of
yu' truly would be
yu' under the condition of
yu' what kind
yu' which one
yust' fair
yust' fairly juste
za' absolute
za' complete
za' completed
za' completeness
zet' hextillion
zi' all
zi' each
zi' every ĉiu
zi' the total
zi' the whole
ali'ya another alia
ali'ya other alia
ambaw'ya both ambaŭ
ayn'ya any ajna
ayn'ya either ajna
ayn'ya whatever ajna
ci'ya her ŝia
divers'ya various diversa
dji'ya its ĝia
ili'ya their ilia
kelk'ya a few kelka
kelk'ya some kelka
kelka'ya a few kelka
li'ya his lia
malmult'ya few malmulta
malmult'ya little malmulta
malpli'ya less malpli
mi'ya my mia
mult'ya a lot of multa
mult'ya lots of multa
mult'ya many multa
mult'ya much multa
neni'ya any neniu
neni'ya no neniu
ni'ya our nia
oni'ya one's onia
pley'ya most plej
pli' da'ya more pli da
plur'ya multiple plura
plur'ya several plura
si'ya his sia
tci'ya each ĉiu
tci'ya every ĉiu
tciuy'ya all ĉiuj
ti' da'ya so much tiom da
ti'ya such tia
tiom'ya that much tiom
tro' da'ya too many tro da
tro' da'ya too much tro da
vi'ya your via
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Esper', English, German, Lithuanian, Greek, Esperanto.

Esper' English German Lithuanian Greek Esperanto #
amb' both abu ambaŭ
bald' soon bald baldaŭ
ci' she sie ŝi
dji' it ji ĝi
dji' it ji, jis ĝi
dji' it ji, jis ĝin
dji' it jis ĝi
djis' until bis ĝis
djsi' itself sich si
en' into in en
est' be ist estas
gig' billion Milliarde milijardas miliardo
gig' milliard Milliarde milijardas miliardo
law' along laut laŭ
mi' me mich min
morg' tomorrow morgen morgaŭ
nun' now nun nun
ol' than als ol
plus' plus pliusas plus
po' at the rate of po po
pri' about peri pri
si' itself sich si
twi' immediately tuoj tuj
twi' the immediate tuoj tuj
ya' indeed ja ja
ye' at je je
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Esper', English, French, Latin, Polish, Spanish, Esperanto.

Esper' English French Latin Polish Spanish Esperanto #
al' toward à ad al
amb' both ambo oba los dos ambaŭ
ank' also también
aq' ow maldito
aw' or ou aut o
bald' soon pronto baldaŭ
ci' her ella ŝi
ci' her ella ŝin
ci' she ella ŝi
cud' antitsip' should expect espere
cud' aplik' should apply debe aplicar
cud' apog' should support debe dar apoyo
cud' aprob' should approve debe aprobar
cud' arandj' should prepare debe preparar
cud' asign' should assign debe asignar
cud' aspekt' should look debe aparecer
cud' atak' should attack debe atacar
cud' atend' should wait debe esperar
cud' atent' should careful debe cuidar
cud' atest' should testify debe testificar
cud' ating' should attain debe llegar
cud' ating' should reach debe llegar
cud' awd' should hear debe oír
cud' awskult' should listen debe debe escuchar aŭskultu
cud' awt' should drive debe manajar auto
cud' babil' should chat debe charlar
cud' bala' should sweep debe barrer
cud' ban' should bathe debe bañarse
cud' bapt' should baptize debe bautize
cud' bat' should strike debe huelgar
cud' batal' should fight debe luchar
cud' ben' should bless debe bendigar
cud' bezon' should need debe necesitar
cud' blasfem' should curse debe decir maldición
cud' blok' should block debe bloquear
cud' bor' should drill debe taladrar
cud' bril' should shine debe brillar
cud' bros' should brush debe cepillar
cud' brul' should burn debe quemar
cud' burdjon' should bud debe florecer
cud' burdjon' should burgeon debe brote
cud' burdjon' should flourish debe florecer
cud' candj' should change debe cambiar
cud' cardj' should load debe cargar
cud' cat' should like debe que gustar
cud' clos' should shut debe cerrar
cud' cmir' should rub debe frotar
cud' cpar' should save debe ahorrar
cud' cpruts' should arise debe surgir
cud' ctel' should steal debe robar
cud' dank' should thank debe dar gracias
cud' dants' should dance debe bailar
cud' dev' should necessitate debe necesitar
cud' dir' should say debe debe decir
cud' direkt' should set debe establecer
cud' ebl' should be possible debe estar posible
cud' funebr' should mourn debe lamentar
cud' kapabl' should be able debe poder
cud' konform' should match debe partido
cud' konstsi' should be aware debe estar consciente
cud' korekt' should be correct debe estar correcto
cud' leg' should read debe leer
cud' mank' should be missing debe faltar
cud' nutr' should feed debe dar alimentación
cud' nutr' should nourish debe dar alimentación
cud' operatsi' should operate debe operar
cud' orient' should orient debe orientar
cud' ornam' should adorn debe adornar
cud' pact' should feed debe alimentación
cud' paf' should shoot debe disparar
cud' pak' should pack debe paquear
cud' palp' should handle debe manejar
cud' panik' should be worried debe estar preocupado
cud' pardon' should forgive debe perdonar
cud' pas' should pass debe pasar
cud' patsients' should have patience debe tener paciencia
cud' pawz' should take a rest debe tome un descanso
cud' pek' should sin debe pecar
cud' pen' should try debe intentar
cud' pens' should think debe pensar
cud' pent' should repent debe arrepentirse
cud' perd' should lose debe perder
cud' pes' should weigh debe pesar
cud' pet' should ask debe pedir
cud' plan' should plan debe plaear
cud' plan' should program debe programa
cud' plant' should plant debe plantar
cud' platc' should please debe dar placer
cud' plats' should place debe poner
cud' plend' should complain debe quejarse
cud' plor' should weep debe llorar
cud' pluv' should rain debe lluvia
cud' poct' should post debe pleasor mensaje
cud' pov' should be able debe poder
cud' predik' should preach debe predicar
cud' predj' should pray debe orar
cud' prem' should press debe prensar
cud' pren' should take debe tomar
cud' pres' should print debe impresiónar
cud' pretend' should intend debe pretender
cud' prevent' should prevent debe evitar
cud' prezent' should present debe presentar
cud' prizorg' should be careful debe precaucionar
cud' prizorg' should care debe dar atención prizorgu
cud' prononts' should pronounce debe pronuncir
cud' protekt' should protect debe proteger
cud' prov' should try debe intentar
cud' puc' should push debe empujar
cud' rapid' should hurry debe hacer de prisa
cud' raport' should inform debe informar
cud' raport' should report debe informar
cud' rayd' should ride debe pasear
cud' rayt' should have the right to debe tener derecho
cud' raz' should shave debe afeitar
cud' reag' should react debe reaccionar
cud' redj' should reign debe reinar
cud' reform' should reform debe reformar
cud' reg' should rule debe reglar
cud' rekompents' should give recompense debe recompensar
cud' rekompents' should reward debe recompensar
cud' rekon' should recognize debe reconocer
cud' rem' should row debe fila
cud' renkont' should meet debe encontrar
cud' repag' should pay back debe pagar que debe
cud' reprodukt' should reproduce debe reproducir
cud' respekt' should respect debe dar respeto
cud' rest' should stay debe permanecer
cud' resum' should summarizes debe resume
cud' reten' should detain debe detener
cud' retsenz' should review debe dar opinión
cud' reven' should come back debe dar la vuelta
cud' rezerv' should reserve debe reservar
cud' rezign' should resign debe renunciar
cud' rezist' should resist debe resistir
cud' rid' should laugh debe risar
cud' rifuz' should refuse debe rechazar
cud' rikolt' should reap debe cosechar
cud' rimark' should note debe notar
cud' ripoz' should rest debe descansar
cud' romp' should break debe romper
cud' rondj' should bite debe mordir
cud' salt' should jump debe saltar
cud' sav' should save debe ahorrar
cud' sekv' should follow debe seguir
cud' selekt' should select debe seleccionar
cud' send' should send debe enviar
cud' sent' should feel debe sentir
cud' sertc' should search debe buscar
cud' serv' should serve debe servir
cud' sid' should sit debe sentarse
cud' skrib' should write debe escribir
cud' skurdj' should whip debe látigo
cud' sol' should solve debe soluciónar
cud' solv' should solve debe resolver
cud' son' should sound debe sonir
cud' sondj' should dream debe tener sueños
cud' sorb' should absorb debe absorber
cud' spetsif' should specify debe específicar
cud' spir' should breathe debe aspirar
cud' star' should stand debe parar
cud' start' should start debe iniciar
cud' stel' should steal debe robar
cud' streb' should strive debe luchar
cud' streb' should try debe intentar
cud' stsi' should know debe saber
cud' stud' should study debe estudiar
cud' subskrib' should sign debe firmar
cud' sufitc' should be enough debe estar suficiente
cud' sufok' should suffocate debe sofocar
cud' suktses' should succeed debe tener éxito
cud' supoz' should suppose debe suponer
cud' sutc' should suck debe chupar
cud' tawg' should be appropriate debe estar apropiado
cud' tces' should cease debe cesar
cud' ted' should annoy debe molestar
cud' ted' should be tedious debe ser tedioso
cud' teg' should overlay debe superposiciónar
cud' teks' should weave debe tejer
cud' ten' should have debe tener
cud' ten' should hold debe tener
cud' ten' should keep debe tener
cud' tendents' should store debe tienda
cud' tent' should tempt debe tentar
cud' tim' should fear debe tener miedo
cud' tir' should drag debe arrastrar
cud' tond' should cut debe para cortar
cud' tord' should twist debe girar
cud' trantc' should cut debe cortar
cud' trink' should drink debe bebir
cud' tromp' should deceive debe engañar
cud' trov' should find debe encontrar
cud' tsed' should give in debe ceder
cud' tsentr' should center debe poner centralmente
cud' tsirkul' should circulate debe circular
cud' tsit' should cite debe citar
cud' tsit' should quote debe citar
cud' tsit' should summon debe citar
cud' tuc' should touch debe tocar
cud' turment' should torture debe torturar
cud' turn' should turn debe girar
cud' tus' should cough debe toser
cud' urdj' should make haste debe tener prisa
cud' util' should serve debe sirvir
cud' uz' should use debe utilizar
cud' vag' should roam debe vagar
cud' vag' should wander debe vagar
cud' varb' should recruit debe reclutar
cud' varb' should solicit debe solicitar
cud' vart' should babysit debe cuidar a los niños
cud' vek' should wake debe despertar
cud' ven' should come debe venir
cud' vend' should sell debe vender
cud' vendj' should avenge debe vengar
cud' venk' should win debe victoria
cud' verc' should spill debe derrame
cud' verk' should write debe escribir
cud' vest' should dress debe vestir
cud' vest' should get dressed debe vestir
cud' vet' should bet debe apostar
cud' vibr' should vibrate debe vibrar
cud' vic' should delete debe borrar
cud' vid' should see debe ver
cud' viv' should live debe vivir
cud' vok' should call debe llamar
cud' vol' should want debe quierer
cud' volv' should tie debe torcer
cud' volv' should wind up debe rodar
cud' votcdon' should vote debe votar
cud' yudj' should judge debe juzgar
cud' yung' should harness debe aprovechar
cud' zorg' should care debe preocuparse
cud' zorg' should worry debe preocuparse
da' of de de da
de' by de de de
dev' abon' must subscribe debe suscripciónar
dev' abstin' must abstain abstenerse urgentamente
dev' antitsip' must expect espere
dev' aplik' must apply debe aplicar
dev' apog' must support debe dar apoyo
dev' aprob' must approve debe aprobar
dev' arandj' must prepare debe preparar
dev' asign' must assign debe asignar
dev' aspekt' must look debe aparecer
dev' atak' must attack debe atacar
dev' atend' must wait debe esperar
dev' atent' must careful debe cuidar
dev' atest' must testify debe testificar
dev' ating' must attain debe llegar
dev' ating' must reach debe llegar
dev' atrib' must attribute debe atribuir
dev' awd' must hear debe oír
dev' awskult' must listen debe debe escuchar aŭskultu
dev' awt' must drive debe manajar carro
dev' babil' must chat debe charlar
dev' bala' must sweep debe barrer
dev' ban' must bathe debe bañarse
dev' bapt' must baptize debe bautize
dev' bat' must strike debe huelgar
dev' batal' must fight debe luchar
dev' ben' must bless debe bendigar
dev' bezon' must need debe necesitar
dev' blasfem' must curse debe decir maldición
dev' blok' must block debe bloquear
dev' bor' must drill debe taladrar
dev' bril' must shine debe brillar
dev' bros' must brush debe cepillar
dev' bru' must make a noise debe hacer ruido
dev' brul' must burn debe quemar
dev' burdjon' must bud debe florecer
dev' burdjon' must burgeon debe brote
dev' burdjon' must flourish debe florecer
dev' candj' must change debe cambiar
dev' cardj' must load debe cargar
dev' cat' must like debe que gustar
dev' clos' must shut debe cerrar
dev' cmir' must rub debe frotar
dev' cpar' must save debe ahorrar
dev' cpruts' must arise debe surgir
dev' ctel' must steal debe robar
dev' dank' must thank debe dar gracias
dev' dants' must dance debe bailar
dev' detr' must destroy debe destruir
dev' dev' must necessitate debe necesitar
dev' dir' must say debe debe decir
dev' direkt' must set debe establecer
dev' ebl' must be possible debe estar posible
dev' funebr' must mourn debe lamentar
dev' kapabl' must be able debe poder
dev' konform' must match debe partido
dev' konstsi' must be aware debe estar consciente
dev' korekt' must be correct debe estar correcto
dev' leg' must read debe leer
dev' mank' must be missing debe faltar
dev' nutr' must feed debe dar alimentación
dev' nutr' must nourish debe dar alimentación
dev' operatsi' must operate debe operar
dev' orient' must orient debe orientar
dev' ornam' must adorn debe adornar
dev' pact' must feed debe alimentación
dev' paf' must shoot debe disparar
dev' pak' must pack debe paquear
dev' palp' must handle debe manejar
dev' panik' must be worried debe estar preocupado
dev' pardon' must forgive debe perdonar
dev' pas' must pass debe pasar
dev' patsients' must have patience debe tener paciencia
dev' pawz' must take a rest debe tome un descanso
dev' pek' must sin debe pecar
dev' pen' must try debe intentar
dev' pens' must think debe pensar
dev' pent' must repent debe arrepentirse
dev' perd' must lose debe perder
dev' pes' must weigh debe pesar
dev' pet' must ask debe pedir
dev' plan' must plan debe plaear
dev' plan' must program debe programa
dev' plant' must plant debe plantar
dev' platc' must please debe dar placer
dev' plats' must place debe poner
dev' plend' must complain debe quejarse
dev' plor' must weep debe llorar
dev' pluv' must rain debe lluvia
dev' poct' must post debe pleasor mensaje
dev' pov' must be able debe poder
dev' predik' must preach debe predicar
dev' predj' must pray debe orar
dev' prem' must press debe prensar
dev' pren' must take debe tomar
dev' pres' must print debe impresiónar
dev' pretend' must intend debe pretender
dev' prevent' must prevent debe evitar
dev' prezent' must present debe presentar
dev' prizorg' must be careful debe precaucionar
dev' prizorg' must care debe dar atención prizorgu
dev' prononts' must pronounce debe pronuncir
dev' protekt' must protect debe proteger
dev' prov' must try debe intentar
dev' puc' must push debe empujar
dev' rapid' must hurry debe hacer de prisa
dev' raport' must inform debe informar
dev' raport' must report debe informar
dev' rayd' must ride debe pasear
dev' rayt' must have the right to debe tener derecho
dev' raz' must shave debe afeitar
dev' reag' must react debe reaccionar
dev' redj' must reign debe reinar
dev' reform' must reform debe reformar
dev' reg' must rule debe reglar
dev' rekompents' must give recompense debe recompensar
dev' rekompents' must reward debe recompensar
dev' rekon' must recognize debe reconocer
dev' rem' must row debe fila
dev' renkont' must meet debe encontrar
dev' repag' must pay back debe pagar que debe
dev' reprodukt' must reproduce debe reproducir
dev' respekt' must respect debe dar respeto
dev' rest' must stay debe permanecer
dev' resum' must summarizes debe resume
dev' reten' must detain debe detener
dev' retsenz' must review debe dar opinión
dev' reven' must come back debe dar la vuelta
dev' rezerv' must reserve debe reservar
dev' rezign' must resign debe renunciar
dev' rezist' must resist debe resistir
dev' rid' must laugh debe risar
dev' rifuz' must refuse debe rechazar
dev' rikolt' must reap debe cosechar
dev' rimark' must note debe notar
dev' ripoz' must rest debe descansar
dev' romp' must break debe romper
dev' rondj' must bite debe mordir
dev' salt' must jump debe saltar
dev' sav' must save debe ahorrar
dev' sekv' must follow debe seguir
dev' selekt' must select debe seleccionar
dev' send' must send debe enviar
dev' sent' must feel debe sentir
dev' sertc' must search debe buscar
dev' sertc' must search debe busque
dev' serv' must serve debe servir
dev' sid' must sit debe sentarse
dev' skrib' must write debe escribir
dev' skurdj' must whip debe látigo
dev' sol' must solve debe soluciónar
dev' solv' must solve debe resolver
dev' son' must sound debe sonir
dev' sondj' must dream debe tener sueños
dev' sorb' must absorb debe absorber
dev' spetsif' must specify debe específicar
dev' spir' must breathe debe aspirar
dev' star' must stand debe parar
dev' start' must start debe iniciar
dev' stel' must steal debe robar
dev' streb' must strive debe luchar
dev' streb' must try debe intentar
dev' stsi' must know debe saber
dev' stud' must study debe estudiar
dev' subskrib' must sign debe firmar
dev' sufitc' must be enough debe estar suficiente
dev' sufok' must suffocate debe sofocar
dev' suktses' must succeed debe tener éxito
dev' supoz' must suppose debe suponer
dev' sutc' must suck debe chupar
dev' tawg' must be appropriate debe estar apropiado
dev' tces' must cease debe cesar
dev' ted' must annoy debe molestar
dev' ted' must be tedious debe ser tedioso
dev' teg' must overlay debe superposiciónar
dev' teks' must weave debe tejer
dev' ten' must have debe tener
dev' ten' must hold debe tener
dev' ten' must keep debe tener
dev' tendents' must store debe tienda
dev' tent' must tempt debe tentar
dev' tim' must fear debe tener miedo
dev' tir' must drag debe arrastrar
dev' tond' must cut debe para cortar
dev' tord' must twist debe girar
dev' trantc' must cut debe cortar
dev' trink' must drink debe bebir
dev' tromp' must deceive debe engañar
dev' trov' must find debe encontrar
dev' tsed' must give in debe ceder
dev' tsentr' must center debe poner centralmente
dev' tsirkul' must circulate debe circular
dev' tsit' must cite debe citar
dev' tsit' must quote debe citar
dev' tsit' must summon debe citar
dev' tuc' must touch debe tocar
dev' turment' must torture debe torturar
dev' turn' must turn debe girar
dev' tus' must cough debe toser
dev' urdj' must make haste debe tener prisa
dev' util' must serve debe sirvir
dev' uz' must use debe utilizar
dev' vag' must roam debe vagar
dev' vag' must wander debe vagar
dev' varb' must recruit debe reclutar
dev' varb' must solicit debe solicitar
dev' vart' must babysit debe cuidar a los niños
dev' vek' must wake debe despertar
dev' ven' must come debe venir
dev' vend' must sell debe vender
dev' vendj' must avenge debe vengar
dev' venk' must win debe victoria
dev' verc' must spill debe derrame
dev' verk' must write debe escribir
dev' vest' must dress debe vestir
dev' vest' must get dressed debe vestir
dev' vet' must bet debe apostar
dev' vibr' must vibrate debe vibrar
dev' vic' must delete debe borrar
dev' vid' must see debe ver
dev' viv' must live debe vivir
dev' vok' must call debe llamar
dev' vol' must want debe quierer
dev' volv' must tie debe torcer
dev' volv' must wind up debe rodar
dev' votcdon' must vote debe votar
dev' yudj' must judge debe juzgar
dev' yung' must harness debe aprovechar
dev' zorg' must care debe preocuparse
dev' zorg' must worry debe preocuparse
di' deity deidad dio
di' divinity divinidad dio
di' god dios dio
dji' it lo ĝi
dji' it lo ĝi
dji' it lo ĝin
dji' it lo ĝi
djis' until jusqu'à ĝis
djsi' itself se, soi si
dju' enjoy disfrute
dju' enjoyment goce
dju' joy alegría
do' therefore, then, so donc do
dum' while dum dum
el' from e- el
el' out of e- el
en' into en in en
est' be est est estas
etc' even etiam
etc' including incluso
gig' billion miliard millones miliardo
gig' milliard miliard millones miliardo
haw' salute salut saludo saluto
he' hey él
ji' this este tiu
ji' this este ĉi tio
ke' that que que ke
kun' with cum kun
kvaz' quasi si
la' the la la
law' along según laŭ
li' he il él li
li' him lui él lin
ma' caregiver cuidador
ma' caregiver cuidadora
mem' self même mem
mi' me me min
mi' me moi mihi min
morg' tomorrow mañana morgaŭ
naw' nine nueve naŭ
nek' nor nec nek
ni' us nous nous ni
ni' we nosotros ni
nun' now nunc nun
o' a un
o' a una
pi' fidelity fidelidad
pli' more plus más pli
plu' furthermore plus plu
plus' plus plus plus plus
po' at the rate of po po
post' after post post
pra' proto proto pra
presk' almost presque preskaŭ
presk' almost casi
pro' on account of pro causada por pro
se' if si si si se
sed' but sed sed
sen' without sans sine sen
si' itself se, soi si
sub' under sub sub
tcaw' take care chau
tce' at chez en ĉe
tce' at ci ĉi
tcirk' in close proximity coniunctissimas consituerunt w bliskim sąsiedztwie
tcirk' nearby circa ĉirkaŭ
tcirk' nearly fere prawie sobre ĉirkaŭ
tcu' is it true czy si ĉu
tcu' or o ĉu
tcu' whether czy si ĉu
tcu' yes czy si ĉu
tra' through à travers a través de tra
trans' across trans trans
tre' very très muy tre
tri' three tres tri 3
tro' too much trop demasiado tro
twi' immediately tout de suit tuj
twi' the immediate tout de suit tuj
ve' woe ay
vi' you vous vos wy vi
vi' yourselves usted vi
ya' indeed hecho ja
yam' already jam jam
yen' here is, here are, etc en jen
zi' every chaque, chacun ĉiu
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Esper', English, Italian, Russian, Yiddish, Esperanto.

Esper' English Italian Russian Yiddish Esperanto #
al' toward a al
amb' both оба ambaŭ
aw' or o
bald' soon bald baldaŭ
da' of di da
de' by de de
djis' until biz ĝis
djsi' itself si, se zi si
en' into in in en
est' be есть estas
gig' billion miliardo миллиapд miliardo
gig' milliard miliardo миллиapд miliardo
haw' salute saluto saluto
ke' that che ke
krom' besides кроме krom
kun' with con kun
la' the la la
law' along lojt laŭ
li' he lui li
li' him lui lin
mi' me me mich min
mi' me me mich min
morg' tomorrow morgn morgaŭ
ni' us noi ni
plus' plus плюc plus
po' at the rate of по po
presk' almost pressochè preskaŭ
se' if se se
sen' without senza sen
si' itself si, se zi si
tce' at ci ĉi
tcirk' nearby circa ĉirkaŭ
tcirk' nearly circa ĉirkaŭ
tcu' is it true tsi ĉu
tcu' whether tsi ĉu
tcu' yes tsi ĉu
tra' through attraverso tra
vi' you voi вы vi
zi' every ciascuno ĉiu