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Antarctica is the southernmost continent of the earth. It is on the South Pole. It is almost entirely located in the south of the Antarctic Circle. Around Antarctica is the Southern Ocean. It has an area of ​​14 million square kilometers after Asia, Africa, North America and South America, making it the fifth largest continent. About 99% of Antarctica is covered by ice. Its ice has an average thickness of at least 1.6 kilometers.

南极洲是地球最南端的大陆。 它在南极。 它几乎完全位于南极圈的南部。 南极洲周围是南大洋。 它的面积为1400万平方公里,仅次于亚洲,非洲,北美洲和南美洲,是第五大洲。 大约99%的南极洲被冰覆盖。 它的冰的平均厚度至少为1.6公里。