English-Hanzi/Sometimes, galaxies are too close and squeeze each other

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Sometimes, galaxies are too close and squeeze each other. One day, our Milky Way will hit our nearest neighbor Andromeda, but this will not happen in about 5 billion years. Even if it happens tomorrow, you may not notice it. These galaxies are so large and spread at the ends that even if these galaxies collide with each other, the planets and the solar system usually don't come close to colliding.

有时,星系太近并且彼此挤压。 有一天,我们的银河系将撞击我们最近的邻居仙女座,但这不会在大约50亿年内发生。 即使明天发生,您也可能不会注意到。 这些星系是如此之大,并在末端扩散,以至于即使这些星系相互碰撞,行星和太阳系通常也不会接近碰撞。