English-Hanzi/Some galaxies are spiral like ours

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Some galaxies are spiral like ours. They have curved arms, making it look like a windmill. Other galaxies are smooth and elliptical. They are called elliptical galaxies. Some galaxies are not spiral or elliptical. They are irregular in shape and look like spots. The light we see from each galaxy comes from the stars in it.

有些星系像我们的一样是螺旋形的。 他们有弯曲的手臂,使其看起来像风车。 其他星系是光滑的和椭圆形的。 它们被称为椭圆星系。 一些星系不是螺旋形或椭圆形的。 它们的形状不规则,看起来像斑点。 我们从每个星系看到的光来自其中的恒星。