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Saturated fats are found in many foods, both sweet and savoury. Most of them come from animal sources, including meat and dairy products, as well as some plant foods such as palm oil.

饱和脂肪 存在于 许多 食物 中,无论 甜 的 还是 咸 的。它们 大多 来自 动物,包括 肉类 和 乳制品,以及 一些 植物 食品 如 棕榈油。

Foods high in saturated fats include:

  • fatty cuts of meat
  • meat products, including sausages and pies
  • butter, ghee and lard
  • cheese, especially hard cheese
  • cream, soured cream and ice cream
  • some savoury snacks and chocolate confectionery
  • biscuits, cakes and pastries
  • palm oil
  • coconut oil and cream


  • 肥肉
  • 肉类产品,包括香肠和馅饼
  • 黄油,酥油和猪油
  • 奶酪,特别是硬奶酪
  • 奶油,酸奶油和冰淇淋
  • 一些美味小吃和巧克力糖果
  • 饼干,蛋糕和糕点
  • 棕榈油
  • 椰子油和奶油