English-Hanzi/Are some people more at risk from eye disease than others?

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Anyone can develop sight problems, but some people have a higher risk of eye disease.

任何人 都 可以 出现 视力 问题,但 有些人 眼睛疾病 的 风险 更高。

It's especially important to have regular eye tests if you are:

  • above 60 years old
  • from certain ethnic groups – for example, people from African-Caribbean communities are at greater risk of developing glaucoma and diabetes, and people from south Asian communities are at a greater risk of developing diabetes; diabetic retinopathy, where the retina becomes damaged, is a common complication of diabetes
  • someone with a learning disability
  • from a family with a history of eye disease


  • 60岁以上
  • 来自某些族群 - 例如,来自非洲-加勒比社区的人群面临发展青光眼和糖尿病的更大风险,南亚社区的人群患糖尿病的风险更大;糖尿病视网膜病变,其中视网膜受损,是糖尿病的常见并发症
  • 有学习障碍的人
  • 来自有眼病史的家庭