English-Hanzi/After school

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After school, when I am going home, I seen the dark blue sky and the yellowish setting sun. There are also several white clouds floating above, which look like the big, fragrant and sweet marshmallows, wanting to take a bite. But in a short while, they are blown to look like little birds and little sheeps. Ah, how really beautiful.

放学后,当 我 回家 的 时候,我 看到 深蓝色 的 天空 和 淡黄色 的 夕阳。还有 几个 白云 浮 在 上面,看起来 像 又大又香又甜 的 棉花糖,想 要 咬 一口。但是 在 短 时间 内,它们 被 吹 得 看起来 像 小鸟 和 小羊 一样。啊,真的 很 美。

Kept on walking, the moon showed half its face, I also need to go home.