Development Cooperation Handbook/The Vrinda project Documentary/Documentary Episodes

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Documentary Episodes:

related to the issue 1 - National Governments and International Organizations – their commitment to MDGs
related to the issue 6 - Do cooperation for development actions really benefit the target populations?
related to the issue 5 - Do developed and developing nations agree on the road map for global development? Is there a difference in the way different cultures see "development"?
related to the issue 3 - NGOs as development actors: their role, their limits; their challenges
related to the issue 8 - How to design and manage successful cooperation programmes?
related to the issue 2 - How can local policy actors contribute to the achievement of MDGs and other global policy objectives?
related to the issue 10 - Sharing knowledge and resources
related to the issue 7 - What is the relationship between "Global" and "Local" agendas and responsibilities?
related to the issue 4 - Our role as individuals - Can we as individuals contribute to the achievement of the Global Development Agenda?
related to the issue 9 - Media and the international communication climate. Professional and ethical challenges