Danish/Appendix A

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Danish (Germanic)[edit | edit source]

Translation Phrase Pronunciation Remarks
Danish dansk About this sound dansk
hello hej About this sound hi
good-bye farvel fah-vel
please 1 (Be understood. A matter of course, if not Vær så venlig)
thank you tak tack
that one den der DEN-neh haer
how much? hvor meget? vo MY-it
English engelsk ENG-uhlsk
yes ja ya
no nej nigh
may I take your (sg) picture? Må jeg tage et billede af dig? Mo yigh tay-eh it bill-eth-e a die
may I take your (pl) picture? Må jeg tage et billede af jer? Mo yigh tay-eh it bill-eth-e a yer
where is the bathroom? Hvor er toilettet? vo er toilettet IPA: /toiˈlet/
where do you come from? Hvor kommer du fra? voor comma doo fra
do you speak English? Taler du engelsk? tahler doo ENG-elsk
generic toast skål skol
I don’t understand Jeg forstår ikke
sorry Undskyld
excuse me Undskyld mig
  1. No word directly corresponds to the word “please”. Danish and Finnish express the concept

of politeness in a request in various ways. One way is to smile while asking for something,

another is to add tak (thank you) to the end of the question: “kan jeg få noget mere at

drikke, tak” (Can I get some more to drink, thanks), although this is more of an anglicised form of Danish.