Circuit Theory/diff eq

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This course is designed to be taken while also taking a differential equations class (diff eq). So there are two goals in this course:

  • do all the math without referring to diff eq
  • do all the math in a diff eq context

Differentials are studied in Calculus. Why is there a special course just called diff eq? The quick answer is that differentials mean you don't have to worry about initial conditions. Slopes of lines (differentials) don't require knowing the initial conditions. Areas underneath the curves (integral) do. We will always need to do both.

The goal of this course is to develop the concepts of transfer functions and convolutions without diff eq. A less generalized path is taken through electronics, but this enables completion of what is normally a two semester course in one semester and enables a more intuitive understanding of transfer functions and convolution integrals.

Someone taking diff eq at the same time that tries to relate the two courses may become a bit confused. Someone that has already had diff eq will have need to be reminded of the diff eq approach to these problems. This is why both approaches are needed.