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课文 中国,全称中华人民共和国, 是一个由五十六个民族组成的国家, 位于东亚。 她(1)风景秀丽,历史悠久,文化多元, 这里的人热情好客,他们优美的语言, 等着你来探索。


China, offically called the People's Republic of China(PRC), is a country in which 56 different peoples inhabit, located in East Asia. It has beautiful views, a long history, and diverse culture. The people living there welcome you and their wonderful language is waiting for your exploration.


  • 共和国 /gòng hé guó/ republic
  • 东亚 /dōng yà/ East Asia
  • 秀丽 /xiù lì/ beautiful, pretty
  • 悠久/ yōu jiǔ/ so long
  • 多元 /duō yuán/ divers
  • 好客/hào kè/ welcome to
  • 探索/ tàn suǒ/ n. exploration verb. explore


1 "她 "commonly is used to represent female as first person, but it, here , is used as to represent a nation. This “她” could be used to represent nation, nature , and planet etc.