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XForms is a standardized set of HTML forms elements that are designed to be integrated with other world-wide-web standards.

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  1. XForms/Form Designers
  2. XForms/Multiple Uploads
  3. XForms/Displaying Save Results
  4. XForms/Summary Details
  5. XForms/Server-Side Field Validation
  6. XForms/Queue Management
  7. XForms/Moving Items Between Lists
  8. XForms/Limiting Length
  9. XForms/Selecting Text
  10. XForms/Storing Tabs in the Model
  1. XForms/Print version
  2. XForms/XML Databases
  3. XForms/Load
  4. XForms/Form Designers
  5. XForms/Multiple Uploads
  6. XForms/Displaying Save Results
  7. XForms/Summary Details
  8. XForms/Server-Side Field Validation
  9. XForms/Moving Items Between Lists
  10. XForms/Queue Management

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