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This category contains pages that are part of the Trigonometry book.

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  1. Trigonometry/A Brief History of Trigonometry
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  3. Trigonometry/Remembering Trig Formulae
  4. Trigonometry/Concepts
  5. Trigonometry
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  7. Trigonometry/Circles and Triangles/The Simson line
  8. Trigonometry/Circles and Triangles/The Seven circles theorem
  9. Trigonometry/Circles and Triangles/The Pivot theorem
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  1. Trigonometry/A Brief History of Trigonometry
  2. Trigonometry/Area of a quadrilateral
  3. Trigonometry/Circles and Triangles/Other Centres of a Triangle
  4. Trigonometry/The Gibbs Overshoot
  5. Trigonometry/For Enthusiasts/Triangles on a Sphere
  6. Trigonometry/Angles of Elevation and Depression
  7. Trigonometry/Some theorems using vectors
  8. Trigonometry/Cosecant, Secant, Cotangent
  9. Trigonometry/Print version
  10. Trigonometry/Double-Angle Formulas

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