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This category contains pages that are part of the CAT-Tools book. CAT means computer-aided translation. This is an aid for humans translating texts between human languages.

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  1. CAT-Tools/Memsource
  2. CAT-Tools/DéjàVu X/How to restore the AutoSearch/File Navigator window?
  3. CAT-Tools/MultiTrans
  4. CAT-Tools/MemoQ/AutoHotKey scripts for memoQ
  5. CAT-Tools/TM-database
  6. CAT-Tools/Okapi Framework
  7. CAT-Tools/Okapi Framework/Wishlist
  8. CAT-Tools
  9. CAT-Tools/AnyMem
  10. CAT-Tools/Visual-Localize
  1. CAT-Tools/MemoQ/Wishlist
  2. CAT-Tools/MultiTrans
  3. CAT-Tools/Memsource
  4. CAT-Tools
  5. CAT-Tools/SDL Trados
  6. CAT-Tools/DéjàVu X/Using DVX
  7. CAT-Tools/DéjàVu X/get started
  8. CAT-Tools/DéjàVu X/SQL
  9. CAT-Tools/Trados
  10. CAT-Tools/SDL Trados/Workarounds

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