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This category is for pages of the Ada Programming book that contain deprecated templates, or use deprecated template parameters.

This category is not shown on its member pages.

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  1. Ada Programming/Types/Enumeration
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  3. Ada Programming/Attributes/'Modulus
  4. Ada Programming/Attributes/'Fraction
  5. Ada Programming/Attributes/'Compose
  6. Ada Programming/Attributes/'Adjacent
  7. Ada Programming/Attributes/'Machine Mantissa
  8. Ada Programming/Attributes/'Machine Emin
  9. Ada Programming/Attributes/'Machine Emax
  10. Ada Programming/Attributes/'Machine Radix
  1. Ada Programming/Libraries/Ada
  2. Ada Programming/All Chapters
  3. Ada Programming/Types/mod
  4. Ada Programming/Types/Enumeration
  5. Ada Programming/Libraries/Ada.Streams/Example
  6. Ada Programming/All Operators
  7. Ada Programming/Keywords/overriding
  8. Ada Programming/Keywords/and
  9. Ada Programming/Keywords/synchronized
  10. Ada Programming/Pragmas/Restrictions/No Obsolescent Features

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