Castles of England/Warwickshire

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There are seven castles in Warwickshire.

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Notes (Key)
Astley Castle Fortified manor house 120113–14th century Ruins Astley Castle - - 480702.jpg Landmark Trust Altered 15–19th centuries, hotel until fire in 1978, building at risk.
Brinklow Castle Motte and bailey 100111th century Earthworks Brinklow castle mound.jpg Well-preserved earthworks, castle probably abandoned by 1173.
Hartshill Castle Keep and bailey 110112th century Fragmentary remains Remains of west curtain wall, Hartshill Castle, Castle Road, Hartshill.jpg Private Some remains of curtain walls survive, and remains of fortified manor house of c.1567.
Kenilworth Castle Keep and bailey 110112–14th century Ruins Kenilworth Castle from south-east, 2010.jpg EHEH icon.svg Altered 16th century, slighted 1650.
Kingsbury Hall Castle 130114th century Fragmentary remains Curtain Wall, Kingsbury Old Hall - - 1073315.jpg Private Remains of curtain wall survive with later house.
Maxstoke Castle Quadrangular castle 130114–15th century Substantially intact Maxstoke Castle, 2010.jpg NGS Moated, domestic buildings of 15–19th centuries within curtain walls.
Warwick Castle Castle 120113–15th century Intact WarwickCastle FromStMarysChurch 2.jpg HHHH icon.png Guy's tower rises 128 ft, 17th century residential block, remodelled 19th century by Salvin after fire.