Castles of England/Devon

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There are 18 castles of note in Devon.

Image Ownership
/ Access
Notes (Key)
Affeton Castle Fortified manor house 140115th century Fragment Affeton gatehouse500.jpeg Private Large gatehouse survives from house sacked during Civil War, with 19th century alterations and additions.
Berry Pomeroy Castle Enclosure castle 140115th century Ruins Berry Pomeroy Castle - - 913529.jpg EHEH icon.svg Very late castle, designed to defend against artillery.
Bickleigh Castle Fortified manor house 140115th century Restored Bickleigh castle.jpg Wedding venue Incorporated in later buildings.
Compton Castle Fortified manor house 130114–16th century Restored Compton Castle in Devon enh.jpg ENTNTE icon.svg Used as farm after 1750, restored 20th century.
Dartmouth Castle Castle 14811481 Restored Dartmouth Castle - - 725989.jpg EHEH icon.svg Converted to artillery castle 1509–47.
Castle Drogo Neo-romantic castle 19111911–1930 Intact Drogo.jpg ENTNTE icon.svg By Edwin Lutyens.
Gidleigh Castle Keep 1301c.1300 Ruins Gidleigh Castle.jpg HCCL icon.svg
Hemyock Castle Enclosure castle 1380c.1380 Fragmentary remains Hemyock Castle - - 1491334.jpg Private
Kingswear Castle Artillery fort 14911491–1502 Intact Kingswear Castle from Dartmouth Castle.jpg Landmark Trust
Lydford Castle Keep and bailey 110112–13th century Ruins Lydford Castle - - 31173.jpg EHEH icon.svg
Marisco Castle Keep and bailey 1243c.1243 Restored Mariscocastle.jpg ENTNTE icon.svg Restored 1643.
Okehampton Castle Keep and bailey 100111–14th century Fragmentary remains Okehampton Castle.jpg EHEH icon.svg
Plympton Castle Motte and bailey 110112th century Fragmentary remains Plympton Castle - - 103022.jpg HCCL icon.svg
Powderham Castle Fortified manor house 130114–16th century Restored Powderham Castle 02.jpg HHHH icon.png
Earl of Devon
Remodelled 18th and 19th centuries.
Rougemont Castle Castle 100111–12th century Fragments Rougemont Castle gatehouse, 2010.jpg Wedding venue Medieval fragments survive with later buildings.
Salcombe Castle Artillery fort 15401540s Ruins Salcombecastle.JPG HALUKAL icon.svg Refortified 1643–5.
Tiverton Castle Quadrangular castle 130114th century Partly habitable Tiverton , Tiverton Castle - - 1287124.jpg HHHH icon.png 150116th century house built within castle.
Totnes Castle Shell keep 100111–14th century Ruins Totnes Castle1.JPG EHEH icon.svg Well-preserved keep on high motte.
Watermouth Castle Neo-romantic castle 18251825–45 Intact Watermouth Bay and Castle, Devon - - 1534396.jpg Theme park