Biological Machines/Preface

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This Wikibook was started by engineers studying at ETH Zurich as part of the course Computational Simulations of Sensory Systems. The course combines physiology with an emphasis on the sensory systems, programming and signal processing. There is a plethora of information regarding these topics on the internet and in the literature, but there's a distinct lack of concise texts and books on the fusion of these 3 topics. The world needs a structured and thorough overview of biology and biological systems from an engineering point of view, which is what this book is trying to correct. We will start off with the Visual System, focusing on the biological and physiological aspects, mainly because this will be used in part to grade our performance in the course. The other part being the programming aspects have already been evaluated and graded. It is the authors' wishes that eventually information on physiology/biology, signal processing AND programming shall be added to each of the sensory systems. Also we hope that more sections will be added to extend the book in ways previously unthought of.