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Exercise 1

[edit | edit source]
at(used to mean "to have") عِندَ
book كِتابُ
negation ما
I have عِندي
you have عِندَكَ
you have (to a female) عِندَكِ
he has عِندَهُ
we have عِندَنا
car سَيّارةُ
restaurant مَطعَمُ
house بَيتُ
pen قَلَمُ
school مَدرَسةُ
computer حاسوبُ
eraser مَحّايةُ
house بَيتُ

  1. عِندَكَ كِتابُ.
  2. ماعِندِي كِتابُ.
  3. عِندِي سَيّارةُ.
  4. عِندَه مَطعَمُ.
  5. عِندَنَا بَيتُ.
  6. ماعِندِي قَلَمُ.
  7. عِندَنَا مَدرَسةُ.
  8. عِندِي حاسوبُ.
  9. عِندَكَ كِتابُ.
  10. عِندَكِ كِتابُ.
  11. ماعِندِي مَحّايةُ.
  12. ماعِندَنَا بَيتُ.


2. I don't have a book.
4. He has a restaurant.
6. I don't have a pen.
8. I have a computer.
10. You (female) have a book.
12. We don't have a house.