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How the Arabic alphabet was organized has changed over the centuries. First there was the abjad order going "a", "b", "j", "d" ; Then someone decided to organize the alphabet by shapes so that letters made with the same shapes went right after each other (prevalent alphabet organization: used everywhere). Then recently someone found a different way to organize it: by type of tail, then by type of shape, then by type of dot.


ط ظ

ك م ي

ب ت ث ف

ج ح خ ع غ

ا د ذ ر ز و

س ش ص ض ق ل ن

1st Row: Looks different in all forms

2nd Row: Looks the same in all forms

3rd Row: Looks the same in the beginning form and middle form. ("Odd-final" letters)

4th Row: Has the push-forward tail ("push-forward tail" letters)

5th Row: Has the down-hook tail ("down-hooked" letters)

6th Row: non-connectors ("non-connectors")

7th Row (bottom row): has the bowl tail ("bowl-tailed" letters)