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Arab-Israeli Conflict Through Stamps

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The Arab Israeli conflict is one of the longest ongoing conflicts. Did it start when the United Nations partitioned so-called Palestine in 1947? Did it start when the British created Transjordan as Arab Palestine in 1922? Did it start when the Arabs immigrated to Ottoman controlled areas in the First World War? Or when Jews migrated to live in Israel in the 1880s to join their brethren already here? Or maybe when the Islamic invaders created a mosque on the site of Judaism's holiest site, their temple in 692?

These are questions which will not be answered here. They will not be discussed here.

This is a stamp catalog; a checklist, showing stamps depicting the Arab Israel conflict.

For the purpose of this catalog, it will be assumed that the stamps started appearing in 1947, after the United Nations Partition Plan, Resolution 181.

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