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This script tell is supposed to tell to move the selected mails to a certain directory/mailbox. Is supposed to work with gmail, but is not general. It doesn't work unless everything is configured for this script.

(* This script is commented out because it needs work.
tell application "Mail"
	set selectedMails to the selection
	if the length of selectedMails is greater than 0 then
		repeat with theMessage in selectedMails
			if the name of the mailbox of theMessage is "INBOX" then
				-- Set "gmail" to whatever your account is called in's preferences
				if the account of the mailbox of theMessage is account "gmail" then
					-- Note: instead of "All Mail" below, I had to use "[Gmail]/All Mail" -Simon, using Mail 3.5 (930.3) & Gmail w/ IMAP
					move theMessage to mailbox "All Mail" in account "gmail"
				-- Add custom accounts with custom names and custom archive mailboxes here
				-- else if the account of the mailbox of theMessage is account "uni" then
				--	move theMessage to mailbox "Archive" in account "uni"
					say "Your mail didn't belong to any account I know."
				end if
				say "Only mails in inbox can be moved"
			end if
		end repeat
		say "You have to select mails first"
	end if
end tell

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