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Through the exploration of the various cultures and lifestyles that have molded the American society, we hope to inform the reader on how America became what it is today. Unforunately, American History textbooks and American Literature textbooks cannot fulfill this, because they prioritize one topic. However, American Studies will take into account all factors, and what those factors produced, because all effects of today become causes of tomorrow.

The main driving points of the textbook include

  • An organized, chronological portrayal of American life from prehistoric times to 2007
  • A cause-and-effect sense of history, explaining every cause
  • A complete explanation of the history, culture, and literature of each time period
  • Exercises, quizzes, and tests to ensure comprehension
  • Primary sources that show American life through their eyes
  • An extensive vocabulary to prepare Juniors for the SAT/PSAT

This is targeted mainly to Juniors and Seniors in high school enrolled in Advanced Placement American History, American Literature, or American Studies. Please, aspiring contributors, use either this page or the table of contents for discussion.


Jaden Mathos