Adventist Youth Honors Answer Book/First aid/Head injury

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Head wounds must be treated with particular care, since there is always the possibility of brain damage. The general treatment for head wounds is the same as that for other fresh wounds. However, certain special precautions must be observed if you are giving first aid to a person who has suffered a head wound.

  2. Keep the victim lying flat, with the head at the level of the body. Do not raise the feet if the face is flushed. If the victim is having trouble breathing, you may raise the head slightly.
  3. If the wound is at the back of the head, turn the victim on his or her side.
  4. Watch closely for vomiting and position the head to avoid getting vomit or saliva into the lungs.
  5. Do not use direct pressure to control bleeding if the skull is depressed or obviously fractured.