Adventist Youth Honors Answer Book/Bicycle Trip

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First decide where you will go on the trip. Will you bike there and back, or will someone drop you off or meet you at the end? How long will the trip take? Will it be an overnight trip? If so, what will everyone need to bring? Will you camp along the way or find a place to stay indoors? These are all important considerations.

Be sure to take into account the abilities of the least-skilled person in your party, and tailor the trip to suit that person's needs. If you are banking on 80 miles per day, you had better be sure that everyone in the group can do 80 miles per day.

How much food will you need to take (if any). Will you replenish your water along the way or carry all you need? How much will you need?

Once you have figured out all these details, it is imperative that you share them with the people in your group. They also need to know what to bring and how far you expect them to go in a day. Their idea of what they can do might not agree with your idea.