Adriane Knoppix

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Adriane Knoppix[edit]

Adriane Knoppix is a variation of Knoppix Linux that is intended for blind and visually impaired people, which can be used entirely without vision oriented output devices. It was released in the third quarter of 2007 as a Live CD. Adriane Knoppix is named after Adriane Knopper, the wife of Klaus Knopper, the developer of Knoppix. Adriane has a visual impairment, and has been assisting Klaus with the development of the software. The name Adriane is also a backronym for "Audio Desktop Reference Implementation And Networking Environment".

Adriane Knoppix is intended not only for the blind but also for beginners who don’t know much about computers. It uses the SUSE Blinux screen reader with a phoneme generator and speech engine for normal output.

Table of Contents[edit]

  1. Getting Adriane
  2. Introducing Adriane Menu
  3. Surfing the Web
  4. Email
  5. Playing of audio or video
  6. Taking notes
  7. Sending and receiving SMS
  8. Using Graphical programs
  9. Managing Adriane Settings


  • Ahmed Mansour is the original author of this book. (June 2014)